8 Healthy Reasons To Eat WaterMelon Seeds Daily

Watermelon SeedsWatermelon Seeds

Watermelon, the yummy gulp which is liked and loved by anyone, in the form of water melon pieces, juices and salads. Over 90% of Water melon contains water, which also contains minerals, anti oxidants, proteins, etc., like wise watermelon seeds also contains many health benefits. What ?  watermelon seeds and benefits? Aren’t you shocked! Watermelon seeds are used in spitting competition. Kids are scared if they gulp watermelon seeds, they tend to grow plant in their stomach. Adults worry the seeds could get stuck in the throat, etc., setting all the illusions aside, there are many ripening benefits of watermelon seeds (Read: Chia seeds for weight loss)

How to take watermelon seeds ?

The brown colored watermelon seeds can be taken directly but does not taste good.  These contain vitamin B, vitamin B6, amino acids, potassium, magnesium, proteins, zinc, omega 6 fatty acids. You can take it different ways.

Watermelon seeds sprouts :

Watermelon seeds has to be soaked overnight. Next day morning drain water, wrap seeds in a cloth after few days, you can see the sprouts of the seeds. This contains extra protein and healthy fat which can be taken as healthy evening snack.

Watermelon seeds oil :

This oil is available in stores. This oil is particularly found in America and Africa. Generally this oil is used for cooking, salads, applied to face also.

Evening roasted snacks :

Water melon seeds are even roasted in the over 35 degree F for 15 mins. Your yummy snack is present, just sprinkle with olive oil and salt. (Read: Foods to be avoided in the morning)

Healthy benefits of watermelon seeds :

Gives a healthy heart :

Watermelon gives a healthy heart . Magnesium deficiency leads to cardio vascular failure. During surgeries for cardio vascular patients, magnesium is supplied in excess amount, as it regulates blood pressure and have healthy heart functioning.  Watermelon seeds contains magnesium, omega 6 fatty acids and citruline which is found to reduce arotic blood pressure. Watermelon contains zinc, which controls calcium levels to the heart. Excess of calcium results in heart failure, which these seed control it.(Read: causes of heart attack)

  • A quarter cup of seeds contains 35% of RDA, which is enough to have magnesium content

Improves male fertility :

Everyone knows watermelon is the basic supple food for Viagra. But these seeds contains double the energy, than the fruit.  These seeds contain zinc, glutamic acid, lysine, arginine amino acids and lycopene. Zinc helps to improve the male reproductive system, while arginine amino acids helps for sexual desire and have sexual power. The lycopene present in watermelon seeds helps in forming seeds.

Water melon seeds for diabetes :

Water melon seeds contain magnesium which helps in proper function of insulin dysregulation. Magnesium in seeds aids to check carbohydrate levels, which have a direct effect on sugar levels.  This seeds helps in checking and controlling sugar levels especially in type 2 diabetes by regulating plasma glucose levels

  • Note :  Consult doctor before taking these seeds in case of diabetic.

Gives strong nervous system :

 Water melon seeds contains magnesium, vitamin B6, niacin, folate, patotheinic, thiamine. Magnesium helps to improve memory, especially that starts with aging. Zinc is also a good communicator between neurons and hippocampus. Lower levels of zinc leads to alzhemiers, schizophrenia, pick’s disease, wilson’s diseases, etc., vitamin B6 and niacin helps in improving nervous system.

Easily digestible :

Water melon seeds contains magnesium which helps the food to cut into calories and make food easily digestible. The zinc deficiency leads to gut breaking or syndrome. By intake  of sufficient seeds will provide efficient zinc.

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For healthy hair :

Magnesium in seeds helps in preventing hair fall, While amino acids and zinc helps form breakage of hair and regenerating hair follicle. The brown seeds contains protein, iron which gives strong and healthy hair. Seeds contain copper which produces melanin, helps to colour hair. (Read: Hair masks for healthy hair)

Gives healthy and glowing skin :

The deficiency of magnesium leads to skin acne, eczema, wrinkles, swelling of blood vessels  and redness. With adequate amount of magnesium gives a glowing skin, skin elasticity. The oleic and linoleum acids, unsaturated fatty acids, gives moisturised and healthy skin. The water melon seeds oil treats acne, wrinkles and makes skin fairer and gives younger looking skin.(Read: Tips for glowing skin)

Helps athletes and body muscles :


The efficient protein content present in seeds gives enough muscle building and increased immune system. This seeds contains arginine, in amino acids which helps athletes, to improve their skills.

Bottom line :

Eating water melon seeds is the age old practice, which is recently came in to picture. These contains number of health benefits which gives a complete picture of healthy life.

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