Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Cabbage Leaves That Wonders EveryOne

Cabbage LeavesCabbage Leaves

Many of them eat due to its health benefits but many avoid because of the pungent smell. Cabbage a great one for all types of recipes, soups, salads, junk food, etc.,

But do you know cabbage leaves are great for health. The added advantage of cabbage leaves is wrapping around the body parts of what you are suffering, you will get instant relief from the pain. (Read: Benefits of guava leaves)

Cabbage leaves benefits :

cabbage is high in vitamins, phytonutrients, glutamine, anthocyanins,  sinigrin rapine, oxalate, mustard oil, magnesium,  and sulfur heterosides and anti-inflammatory properties.  Cabbage leaves are used for medicines, these do not contain any side effects. (Read: wheat grass benefits)

Cabbage leaves for Joint pains :

Usually, Cabbage leaves if treated on joint pains will give some relief.  Red cabbage is preferred. (Read: Goat milk for Bone health)

  • Take a whole cabbage. Cut its stem, extract the cabbage leaves.
  • Now take a foil paper and wrap the cabbage leaves in the paper and place in the oven, heat it to the medium temperature, see to it that the cabbage leaves are hot enough.
  • Remove the foil paper and place the cabbage leaves on the legs and knees. Wrap a cloth or bandage around the leaves, so that the warmth touches the legs.
  • Keep the poultice, overnight and remove in the morning.
  • This process has to be done daily in order to get relief from the joint pains, added to this, if cabbage juice is drunk daily this will quick relief and heals joint pains fast.
  • If done at night time that would be better.

Red cabbage contains anthocyanins which help in reducing joint pains and inflammation.

Cabbage Leaves for Breast engorgement and weaning:

By applying cabbage leaves on the breast will help from pain, swelling, discomfort, excess supply of milk. You can either choose green or red, either cold or normal cabbage. Cold cabbages are preferred as it gives instant soothing from pain in the breast. (Read: Tulsi leaves benefits)

  • Take a cabbage and place it in the refrigerator.
  • Remove the cabbage and from the fridge and remove the first two layers of cabbage
  • Take the next two layers, Wash it off properly, so that no dirt remains
  • Now apply the leaves on the breast, should not cover the nipples.
  • Leave it for 20 mins and remove.
  • Repeat this process, until pains, swelling, over milk supply gets rid off
  • Once the problem is sorted stop using it.

Cabbage Leaves for a Migraine :

A migraine is the which gets relief after taking some medications or after taking some rest. Cabbage contains properties of dilating capillaries, increasing the blood flow of the muscles in the head and works on the pain.

  • Take a cabbage, remove first two layers.
  • Take the next two layers and wash properly.
  • Make it a thick paste and spread it on the muslin cloth.
  • Now apply this muslin cloth on the head and relax until it gets dried down.
  • You can this often until you get relief from a migraine. (Read: Remedies to remove blackheads)

Other benefits of cabbage Leaves :

Fights cancer :

Cabbage fights cancer, the sulforaphane in cabbage has the ability to fight cancer. Consuming cabbage lowers the risk of cancer attack. (Remedies for Kidney stones without surgery)

Fights heart attack :

The anti-inflammatory properties, in the cabbage, helps in lowering in cardiovascular diseases.  The polyphenol content in cabbage lowers blood pressure levels and increases blood platelets. (Read: Signs of heart attack)

Increases digestion :

The high fiber content in cabbage helps for easy digestion and is easily digestible.

Weight loss :

Cabbage contains only 33 calories per cup. It contains lots of minerals and vitamins which helps to lose weight easily. The very famous cabbage soup is known to lose weight fast. (Read: Weight loss diet)

Bottom line :

Not only cabbage, but the cabbage leaves are very effective and used for health purpose. If the pain is high then consult the doctor as soon as possible.

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