5 Important Facts Before Getting Breast Implants.

Breast ImplantsBreast Implants

Thousands of women choose each year to invest in themselves by undergoing breast augmentation surgery in order to enhance their natural beauty. If you are considering upgrading your silhouette, it’s important to research and avoid making emotional decisions.  While the media often focuses on the beneficial results of breast augmentation, much is involved in this complex surgery that needs to be considered.

It is imperative to take seriously any surgery involving a general anesthetic and introducing foreign materials into the body as part of the procedure. If you are considering investing in breast augmentation, it’s important to focus on everything involved, not just the expected results. 

There is a high cost associated with breast implant surgery. It is important to carefully consider the amount of money you will be spending on cosmetic surgery. Ultimately, with the right research, education, and search for an experienced surgeon, each woman will make the right decision for them. Let’s take a closer look at a few important facts to consider before considering breast implants. 

Implants Come With Risk

Breast implants will undoubtedly give you the physical results that you desire, but it should be remembered that they come with a few risks. Surgical procedures always carry some level of risk associated with them. In some cases, with breast augmentation procedures, there can be complications, including infection or scarring. To reduce your risk, it’s crucial that you find a qualified, professional surgeon with a good reputation. 

Research Your Options

It has been over half a century since breast implants were introduced, and there have been many changes since then. You can choose between silicone or saline fillings for your breast implants. The different types of fillings have their own benefits and drawbacks. Despite the fact that silicone looks more natural than saline, saline carries less risk of implant rupture as compared to silicone. 

The latest augmentation technology includes silicone gel implants. These soft and pliable implants are filled with a gel-like silicone that is less likely to puncture or leak thanks to its low viscosity. Ensure that you discuss all the options available to you with your surgeon before making a decision. 

Implants Are Not Permanent

While you should expect to get up to a decade of enjoyment from your implants, it’s important to note that after some time, you will need to have further surgeries. To ensure your health and safety, your surgeon will recommend that you have continual follow-up treatment and replacement of your implants every decade. 

Significant Recovery

The procedure of breast augmentation is not a simple procedure, and you must be aware that it involves significant downtime and recovery. Following any cosmetic procedure, you can expect to experience some pain, swelling and bruising as a result of the procedure. But, unlike a facelift, where you can recover primarily independently, you will need help following your breast augmentation surgery. 

You will need help getting in and out of bed after your surgery. Once you have had the surgery, you may not be able to move around independently for a few days afterward. The level of activity you will be able to resume after two to three weeks should be moderate, and the full recovery may take up to six weeks to complete. Your surgeon will insist that you have some sort of assistance getting home after your surgery, and to help you out for the first few days. 

Realistic Expectations

There is a lot to consider when choosing your surgeon for your augmentation, including your expectations and preferences. After undergoing surgery, every patient will have a different idea of what he or she wants to see as a result of the procedure. 

It is important to keep in mind that implants can enhance the size and fullness of the breast, but they do not help with reshaping the breast. An implant may not be the right option in cases where there is sagging and unevenness of the skin. You may want to talk about a lift procedure instead. 

To get the best results from breast augmentation surgery, it is crucial that you do your research well before deciding to undergo the procedure. Make sure that you keep these facts in mind before making a decision about breast implants.

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