14 UnKnown Benefits of Cucumber Seed Oil – Interesting One


You must be thinking of, does cucumber seeds contain oil? Yes cucumber seed contains about 45% of oil

Thinking of cucumber, what comes first to our mind, it is the refreshing vegetable, consisting 95% of water. Cucumber originates in India before 3000 yrs ago and is being used for its soothing and relaxing properties. Cucumber is used in many cosmetic and beauty products. Cucumber is used in salads, recipes, curries, and for dressing various dishes. Cucumber is 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding air, by this we can expect the relaxing and soothing properties it gives to our body.

Cucumber seeds are yellow or amber in color, which tastes sweet or sometimes sour, which contains 45% of oil and has many health and beauty benefits. The oil when applied on the skin, absorbs by skin and does not give greasy layer. Cucumber seed oil contains phytosterols, vitamins, minerals, tocopherols, fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin C,E, potassium.

Benefits of Cucumber Seed Oil:

1. Anti-Ager:

Cucumber oil contains linoleic acid, vitamin E and nutrients, which forms strong protective barrier to skin, stimulates collagen production, improves elasticity and firmness to skin. It is skin rejuvenating agent and fights skin free radical and damage cell, decrease fine line and rejuvenate new skin cells, improves skin cells and prevents wrinkles.

2. Protects From Sun UV Rays and Sun Burn:

Cucumber oil contains alpha-tocopherol and gamma tocopherol, which protects skin from sun’s UV rays. The oil helps from redness and rashness on the skin.

  • Take cucumber oil with carrier oil and apply daily while going out.

3. Glowing Skin: 

Cucumber Seed Oil contains tocopherol and tocotrinel, which fights free radicals which damages skin cells, repairs dull and dry skin and gives moisturised skin. The fatty acids present in cucumber oil, gives younger looking skin. It contain vitamin B1 and C, which detoxifies the skin pores, removes dirt and dust, and gives glowing skin.

  • Add cucumber oil with coconut and orange oil and apply to the face. This will give glowing skin.

4. Fights Acne:

Oil contains linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids, which fight acne. It contains anti-acne agents, which decreases melanin production, and stops acne from out bursting it. It unclogs pores, removes skin toxins, extracts extra sebum and prevents blackheads and whiteheads.

5. Fights Dry Skin:

The omega 6 fatty acids present in cucumber seed oil, treats dry skin and diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Apply cucumber seed oil daily on the skin, to eradicate dry skin completely. Cucumber oil contains tocopherols, oleic acid which moisturizes and hydrates skin, helps in normal skin cell regeneration.

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6. Removes Dark Circles:

Cucumber oil contains sensitive agents, which can be applied on dark circles. By applying on dark circles, it removes fine lines, soothes eyes and does not cause any irritation and thus removes it slowly.

7. Helps Against Inflammation:

Cucumber seed oil contains anti-inflammatory agents, which works on the muscle swelling, arthritis and athletes foot. It works on the joint pains caused due to arthritis and fungal infections.

  • Take cucumber, coconut and almond oil. Massage it on the body parts, which are affected.

8. Cures Constipation:

Cucumber seed oil contains laxative properties, treats digestive problems, eases bowel moments, treats ulcers and cures constipation. For the patients, who are suffering from severe ulcers,

  • Take 5 drops of cucumber oil, in juice of cucumber, it helps from discomfort and its pain.

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9. Improves  Hair Growth:

Cucumber contain silica and sulfur which promote hair follicles to grow hair faster, long and lustrous. It protects and helps from hair breakage and loss of hair.

10. Avoids Dry Hair and Dandruff:

Cucumber seed oil contains hydrating and moisturizing agents, which moisturizes scalp, reduces itchy scalp removes dandruff, redness, breakage of hair, dry hair and hair fall.

  • Mix cucumber oil with brahmi and rosemary oil. Apply and leave it for 2 hr and wash off. This helps from dry hair and dandruff
  • Add 5 drops of cucumber oil in shampoo for smooth and silky hair.

11. Controls blood pressure levels:

Oil contain fiber, magnesium and potassium reduces, lowers cholesterol levels and thus works on blood pressure levels.

12. Fights Bad Breath:

Cucumber seed oil contains phytochemicals, which works on the bad breathe.

  • Pour 2 drops of oil in water. Gargle daily in the morning, to avoid bad breathes.

13. Improves Digestion:

Cucumber oil diluted with peppermint essential oil, if applied on chest and abdomen, will help from ingestion. It gives relief from inflammation, enhances digestion. It can be applied on the chest and abdomen, before having meal.

14. Relaxes Your Mind:

Spray 2 drops of cucumber seed oil in the air. It flushes out the harmful toxins from the body and brain, relaxes and soothes your mind.




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