12 Outstanding Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves – Every Must Know


Tulsi or basil leaves is the holy sacred plant that is prayed in India. Tulsi leaves known as ocimum sanctum, which is one of the powerful herbs, which is helpful in many ways, right from memory power to immune system. This herb is being used in ayurveda from thousands of years and now is also used in allopathy medicine.

What does basil or tulsi leaves contain?

It contains about 92% of water, sodium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B6, K,A, thiamine and many. There are about 18 types of tulsi currently present all around the world. Firstly it was found only in the regions of south east asia, but it is available globally.

Benefits of tulsi leaves

Treats acne:

Tulsi oil contains eugenol , gamma-caryophyllene and methyl eugenol, the major components, which treats all types of skin disorders. This is treated internally and externally.

  • Just drink soaked tulsi water daily on empty stomach, it flushes out the toxins from the body.
  • Make the paste of tulsi and apply directly on acne
  • Apply the paste with coconut oil and difference can be seen easily  (Also Read: Facemasks For Acne)

Recovers from fever:

Tulsi is an anti-fungicidal, antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, which fights with flu, fever, cough and cold. Fever is caused by several factors like biting mosquito, low immunity, low resistant power. It gives the power to fight against the infection affecting our body and restores health

  • Drinking tulsi tea daily morning and evening
  • Drink soaked tulsi water
  • You can also eat leaves of tulsi raw as well

Works to diabetic patients:

In a research done with few diabetic patients, it was seen that, people who consumed tulsi leaves on daily levels, have seen decrease in sugar levels in fasting, post, urine blood sugar levels. The amount of insulin has become moderately low. Doctors concluded that by taking tulsi leaves on regular basis, will keep a check to diabetes.  

Helps in treating respiratory problems:

Tulsi contain components camphene, eugenol and cineole, which helps from congestion and breathing problems. It contains anti-asthmatic properties and phytonutrients, gives instant relief from asthma, bronchitis, and cleans the respiratory organs. It is majorly used in ayurvedic medicine regarding asthma

Keeps lungs clean:

Vitamin C, cineole, eugenol and camphene compounds present in tulsi will help to clean lungs and healthy. It helps from infection and congestion. It largely helps lungs from infections caused due to smoking and heals lung cancer. It is known that b taking fresh breath near tulsi will clean lungs specially for tuberculosis patients. Ayurveda has made many medicines for tuberculosis, with basil herbs.     (Also Read : How To Clean Lungs At Home Itself) 

May prevent cancer:

It is not scientifically proven, that cancer will be prevented fully, but the anti oxidants, components present in tulsi will to the prevent chemo therapy and other radiation therapies. It makes less immune to the cancer cells to develop, due to the phyto chemicals present in tulsi. According to the research done on few cancer patients, it is seen that by regular intake of tulsi has prevented from laser and radiation therapies.

Prevents cardio vascular disease:

The eugenol component present in tulsi, will help from various heart diseases, it controls the cholesterol levels in the body and thus stops from heart attack. The vitamin C and antioxidants will help fight free radicals and helps from infections.                                                                           (Also Read: Warnings and Causes of Heart Attack)

  • Take a copper vessel full of water.
  • Drop few tulsi leaves and soak overnight.
  • Next day drink water with tulsi on empty stomach.
  • This will burn the fat, controls cholesterol levels in heart.

Lowers stress levels:

The vitamin c, antioxidants and potassium in tulsi lowers the blood pressure levels, thus becoming an anti-stress buster. The phyto chemical compounds ocimumoside A and B, are the anti-stress compounds, which relieves the stress hormones and gives relief to brain to relax. With the intake of tulsi brain gets relaxed and stress free.

Controls hormonal levels :

Tulsi balances the hormonal levels in the body. Drink tulsi tea twice a day, as it keeps your body, calm and controlled

Treats oral health and dental care:

Tulsi is used as natural mouth freshener, because by chewing tulsi leaves is enough, the flavor in the mouth long last. It treats on gums, kills bacteria in the mouth, kills ulcers and fight oral cancer cells. It protects teeth from dental plaque, tartar and tooth decay. By chewing the leaves, it makes the gum strong, to hold the teeth tight together. Many toothpaste are being introduces with tulsi properties. It protects the teeth and keeps it whitening.

Relieves from headache:

Tulsi is a natural home remedy for treating head ache. Ayurveda has introduced many medicines in regards to head ache, migraine, cough, cold and sinus problem.  The components present in tulsi like camphene, cineol, eugenol, are anti-congestive, disinfectant, analgesic and sedative in nature.

  • Just by eating raw tulsi leaves, one gets relieved from head ache.

Treats eye care:

Tulsi works on conjunctivitis, cataracts, poor sight, opthalmia and many viral infections in the eyes, caused due to bacteria, fungus and virus. It relaxes the eyes, removes the burning sensation of eyes.

  • Just wash your eyes with tulsi water, it gives soothing effect to eyes and is anti-inflammatory in nature.
  • Many eye drops have been introduced with tulsi properties.

Bottom line:

Tulsi is the holy herb, which sacred and a useful herb. The righteous use of it gives maximum benefits to health.

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