Is Diet More Effective For Weight Loss?



Exercise and diet reap amazing results when it comes to weight loss. But does either one of them give promising results when isolated? Let’s find out!

Types Of Weight Loss

Whether you want to fit in your old pants after pregnancy or want to have your summer body ready, weight haunts us all. Cutting down calories usually achieves rapid results as not eating a Quesadilla is better than burning one out!

However, weight loss is mainly divided into two categories, fat loss, and overall mass loss. As the names are self-explanatory, overall weight loss includes losing mass from your muscles and bones alike. In comparison, fat loss is increasing the muscle and bone density and burning fat alone.

How Weight Loss Works

You lose weight through two practices. Either by burning off fat by working your muscles out or burning your body’s fats and proteins by under-nourishment. 

When you work out or exercise, your body uses up the energy from the food you eat. And once the stores have run dry, it starts using up the stored fats, hence their burning. 

Under-nourishment works by consuming a far less count of calories than recommended. By doing this, you keep your body from getting all the energy from the food you eat. And so, it turns to burn the stored fats, bone, and lean protein for an energy source.

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Weight Loss From Exercise

Exercise and working out are known to keep people fit for centuries. The more and harder you work out, the better balanced and toed your body is. Perhaps, there is some truth tradition.

When you work out, you boost the metabolic rate of your body as you consume more energy. In turn, your body breaks down the food you eat much quickly to restore energy to the cells, and little to no surplus is left to store as fats.

By working out, you increase your body’s need for energy from food. When muscle tissues are torn during a workout, they require more energy and protein to recover. 

Hence, working out naturally leads to a healthy eating lifestyle. But can the same be said for weight loss from a diet?

Weight Loss From Diet

There is only one way to lose weight via a diet, which is under-eating. 

Most weight-loss diets focus on cutting down the number of calories you consume or restricting your diet from certain food groups. For example, going on an all carb diet or a keto diet.

While the process of weight loss from diet yields amazingly fast results, it is not just the fat you are burning. Contrary to the common belief, strict weight-loss diets lead to a higher chance of muscle degeneration.

Crash diets can also take a quick turn and become a horror. Keto Diet, one of the most popular weight-loss diets sky-rockets your cholesterol levels. And that can be a serious repercussion to face.

But as a general rule, 70% of the weight loss comes from diet, and only 30% of it comes from exercise. So does that give weight-loss diets an extra point over exercise?

The Best Way To Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight, according to experts, is to combine exercise and diet. You multiply not only your rate of weight loss but also avoid many medical conditions. That’s because exercise helps regulate your blood-sugar and cholesterol from a higher metabolic rate.

In simple words, your body burns up energy, and you consume just the right food to fuel the process. Although the change in numbers on the weight machine will not look as promising as diet alone, your waist will be much leaner, and your body much toned out.

Some people may even choose to continue with diet-only for weight loss because of the bigger difference. To get into the science of it, muscle takes less space than fat. And since you’re building muscle and burning fat, your overall weight doesn’t change much. However, there will be a visible change in your body fat percentage, and you’ll look much leaner.

Apart from the sped-up weight loss process, exercising provides you with many benefits generally. Eating healthy and working out shows a commendable difference in the mental and physical health of subjects. You can boost your weight loss by taking supplements such as Red Thai Kratom from kratom krush along with exercise and diet.

What Is The Best Workout Routine to Match With a Low-Calorie Diet?

Studies show for a compound workout like squats and push-ups to burn more fat than isolated. So, if you’re twisting the dumbbell to put on some mean biceps and lose fat at the same time, it’ll take a while!

So far, the best exercise routine to follow for weight-loss is cardio. Exercises like running, jump rope, rowing, brisk walking, and Zumba are well known to make you lose a sweat. And as a rule of thumb, the more you sweat, the more fats you burn.

The best part about cardio exercises is that they do not stress you out for energy. Yes, you will need a specific pick of food items if you’re cutting down on calories. For example, slow digestive carbs, lean protein, vegetables, fruit, etc. are excellent matches for cardio workouts.

Another benefit these lightly-intensive workouts offer is the ability to exert more. It is very easy to overwhelm yourself with all the different machines at the gym when you make it there on the first of January. Why not go for and exercise that doesn’t require equipment, can be done anywhere, and easy to keep up with?

Other than cardio, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) programs offer remarkable results. But unlike cardio, it requires much more effort, a calorie-rich diet, and dedication. HIIT focuses on pushing your muscles to the limit in a short time. You get very few breaks in between and are likely to be breathing your lungs out the first few days.

But once you settle well with the workout routines, the weight loss will be insanely fast! Especially if you Learn more about kratom and add the right strain to your diet.

What Is A Good Diet For Weight Loss?

Choosing a diet is not as easy as it sounds. Mostly because the needs vary from person to person. Although many online diet plans are updated according to allergies and intolerance to specific food items, it’s still a hassle to make the perfect plan for yourself.

I prefer talking to a nutritionist or a dietician before making drastic changes to my diet. The good part about seeing a professional before making any changes is that you get a body evaluation. You have your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, cholesterol, and whatnot, checked out.

After careful evaluation, the dietician gives you the green light to go on with the diet.

But to keep it simple, once you understand the basics of a diet, you can pretty much make one for yourself instead of buying one off the internet. Cutting down on unhealthy fats and sugary foods is generally a good idea.

Slow digestive food items like oats and bananas generally make up for a good start to the day. 


Diet is indeed more effective in weight loss than exercise. But losing alone has no point if you are losing muscle as well as bone density.

The ideal practice is to combine the best of both. Work out, eat healthily, and do both in moderation for the long term. Because remember, the best workouts and diets are the ones that you stick to!

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