10 Indications Of Kidney Improper Functioning


Every part of our body is important, be it eyes, hands, heart brain or kidney. Kidneys plays a prominent role in our body system. The brain is to respond, heart is pump and purify blood while kidney is to remove the toxins and waste from the body and supply the purified water and blood to the body. (Read: How to remove kidney stones without operation)

Most of them suffer from kidney problems, but the result is known in the last stage. There are some indications and symptoms to know that kidney is not functioning properly. Well there are many reasons for kidney failure, they can be genetic, diabetes or high blood pressures. Whatever it might be, we should know some indications of kidney not working properly. Its better late than never, why wait till last stage, check yourself with these kidney symptoms

Change of urine color and odour :

The first symptom of kidneys improper function is change in the urine color and bad odor. If you are urinating at night times around 5-10 times, then it is a clear chances of kidney problem. (Read: Urine color changes related to health)

Sleepless nights :

The main functioning of kidney is to filter the waste toxins from the water and blood and flush out the waste material through urine. If kidney is not functioning properly, then you will have urine passage problem, this suffers from sleepless nights. Sleep apnea is the most common disease which is caused from kidney problem. (Read: Sleep talk remedies)

Blood in urine :

kidney’s functioning is to filter the blood cells. When kidney suffers from disfunctioning, the filtering is failed and blood starts leaked in the urine, which is the basic signal of kidneys improper functioning. The other reason of blood in the urine can be kidney stones, tumors, or any other infections.

Urine is foamy :

Excessive amount of bubbles in urine, when urine is foamy, this shows that urine consists of high protein. Albumin which is found in eggs is the same thing which is featured in our urine. This is not a good symbol for kidneys.

Dry and itchy skin :

kidneys purifies red blood cells, removes waste fluids from the body, keeps bone strong  and maintains minerals and vitamins in the body. By right maintenance of minerals in the body, helps in maintaining skin moisturized and glowing. If kidney is not functioning properly, then the skin is affected due to the imbalance of minerals and vitamins in the body.(Read: Tips for dry skin)

Feels tired and loss of concentration :

As kidneys does not filter the toxic from the body, which remains in urine and thus remains tired and exhausted. Due to the heavy toxins in the body, mind gets disturbed and thus suffers from loss of concentration.

Anaemic :

kidney filter the waste material and supply the blood to the blood. It helps in generating red blood cells. It converts vitamin D in our body, for maintaining bones and produces a hormone called Erythropoietin. It plays a pivotal role in generating red blood cells. If kidney does not function properly, then they become anaemic. Loss of blood leads to fatigue, restlessness, etc.,( Read: Benefits of dates with milk)

Contains bad breath and different taste :

Due to the excessive toxins build up in the body and blood, our taste bud get changed and so is bad breath gets started. Adding to it you lose the appetite and want of eating.

Note : Bad breath may be due to vitamin deficiency, if it is prolonged for more than the expected period, then consult your doctor.

Swelling in ankles and feet :

When the toxic and fluids are mugged up in the body and kidney starts failing improper functioning, there arises sodium retention in the body. Due to the sodium retention, ankles and foot starts swelling.

Note : In case of heavy medications also, swelling in ankle and legs takes place.

Puffy eyes :

Excess of protein in the urine is the sure shot damage of kidney problem. Puffy eyes results when kidneys starts sending protein in the urine rather than distributing all over the body. (Read: Dark circles tips)

Aging :

With the age growth also, the kidney slows down to function properly. With improper function arises a age growth problems.

Bottom line :

If you are facing any of the above problems just consult doctor. Get examined and diagnosed as soon as possible. Its better to consult doctor immediately.

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