10 Long Lasting Benefits Of Applying Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

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Winter is coming in, our skin looks dry, pale and itchy. Keep your skin moisturized and well protective not only for this winter but all year long. Do you know Vaseline petroleum jelly contains wax and natural oils which protects skin and from many skin problems.

Vaseline came from Greek in origin which consists of wasser (water) and oleon (oil). It contains natural oils, waxes, minerals which protects skin in different ways.

Healing Properties of applying Vaseline Jelly

Soothes cracked heels :

Many of us suffer from cracked heels not only in the winter but all year long. It’s painfully, dry, itchy and horrible to look at. (Read: Tips for foot soak)

How to apply :

  • At night time
  • Wash your feet cleanly
  • Apply Vaseline on the affected part and leave it
  • Cover your feet by wearing a fuzzy socks
  • Next day morning remove it and wash away with water
  • Apply this for some months and results will be clear.

Soothes Dry lips:

Dry lips is a common problem which is faced by everyone now and then. This Vaseline acts as lip balm (Read: Tips for Dry Lips)

How to apply:

  • Take a tooth brush
  • Dab some Vaseline and apply on the lips at night time
  • In the morning, you can see the effective results

Moisturizes skin:

Dry skin especially in the winter is the problem, which can be encountered by all. (Read: Tips for Glowing skin)

How to apply?

  • Take some Vaseline and apply on the dry skin
  • Before going to bath
  • Let it soak on the skin for 30 mins
  • Take lukewarm bath
  • This acts as a natural moisturizer

You can also apply Vaseline at night time as well before going to bed

Long lasting perfume smell :

Perfumes smells nice, gives you a refreshed feeling all day long. But very few perfume smells last long. If you want a refreshed feeling, do this simple trick (Read: Tips for bad body odour)

How to apply?

  • Dab some Vaseline on the wrist line
  • Now spray some perfume on the applied Vaseline
  • Do not rub against the wrist as the perfume smell changes
  • The smell last long throughout the day.

Removes eye makeup :

Wearing an eye makeup is the beautiful part, while removing it is the toughest and most clumps part. Here is the best solution for removing eye make up. (Read: Easy eye makeup for beginners)

How to apply :

Take small quantity of Vaseline and apply on the eye lids

  • Now take a cotton pad
  • Gently swipe the cotton pad on the eyes
  • The eye makeup is removed efficiently without getting spread all over the eyes
  • If any marks are left over, wipe with cotton pad again with petroleum jelly

Protects skin from hair dye:

Applying hair dye without any spots of dye on the skin is an art, which usually every one fails. Here is the simple trick

How to apply?

  • Dab Vaseline on headline and back of the neck
  • Now apply hair dye on the hair
  • Even if hair dye is applied, it does not drip down on the skin
  • After washing your hair, not even a single spot is seen

Helps from dry hair and split ends:

Winter is coming in, hair is dry with split ends. Many shampoos and conditioners are being used for wiping off dry hair. In case if you don’t have, Vaseline works out efficiently. (Read: Tips for Dry hair)

How to apply?

  • After washing your hair just apply some Vaseline at the edges of the hair
  • It helps from forming split ends


  • In case if you have dry hair
  • Apply Vaseline on the hair
  • Leave it for 10 min and wash off
  • This absolutely works as moisturizer and conditioner to hair

Shines leather items easily:

Leather items like handbags, purses, belts, pouches, etc., looks nice and classy. It’s tough to maintain them and restore the leathery look.

How to apply?

  • Take some Vaseline
  • Apply on the handbag or purse
  • Wipe off the excess Vaseline and rub gently
  • This gives and restores the shiny look

Easy way to keep ear rings :

Keeping ear ring is not a big deal, but if it is kept once a while, then there comes the problem. When ear rings are applied once a while, it goes through lot of pain, your ear starts paining, etc., (Read: Step by step Bridal makeup)

How to apply?

  • Apply some Vaseline on the ear holes.
  • Let it get sit for 10 min
  • Now insert the ear rings through the hole
  • You can easily keep ear rings without any pain

Protects Pet’s food from ants :

Pet’s food is eaten by ants more than our pet. We keep around seeing them quite often and end in throwing them.

How to apply?

  • Apply some Vaseline around the dish till the bottom.
  • Also apply on the surrounding space
  • Ants get slippery and do not reach the bowl
  • This way we can avoid ants from pet’s dish

Bottom Line :

Vaseline petroleum jelly is the one which consists of oil and waxes, it applies to all type of skin problems and heals them instantly. But before applying Vaseline on the skin, see to it that you skin is not acne prone and does not apply Vaseline for more than 10 min.

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