16 Health and Beauty Wonders of Eating Carrot


Carrot is the vegetable belonging to the root family in orange colour and sweet to taste. Although the stem and leaves are also used for cooking, but many does not know about it. Carrot is the root of the plant which contains many health properties like vitamin K, B6, beta carotene, calcium, iron magnesium, zinc, etc.,. These are largely used in salads, juices, soups, recipes, and also eaten raw. The word ‘carrot’ is derived from the word ‘karoton’, as it contains abundance of beta carotene.  

There are many health and beauty benefits, one must make use of it to the fullest.

Health Benefits of carrots

Improves eye sight:

Carrot contain carotenoids, beta carotene, which is turned into vitamin A in the liver. Vitamin A is good for eye sight and clear vision. By taking carrots regularly, one can avoid color blindness, long and short sight.  (Read : How to Remove Dark eye Circles)

Regulates Blood pressure:

One of the reasons for high blood pressure is excess intake of sodium in the diet. This can be encountered by taking potassium and fiber. One Carrot contains around 320 mg of potassium i.e., 9% of total carrot, which means one must take at least 3-4 carrots in your diet to regulate blood pressure.  Try to eat raw carrot

Prevents cancer:

Carrots contain beta carotene and anti-oxidants which fights free radicals, which prevents cancer like lung cancer and breast cancer. People who included carrot juice in their diet have down the risk of colon, prostate cancer and leukaemia. The antioxidant and carotenoids in the carrot act as protective shield which fights cancer cells. Carrots contains falcarinol a compound in carrot which is found to be anti-cancer agent.

  • I would prefer you to take at least 2 litre of carrot juice per day. It’s better to take 1 glass of carrot juice in the morning on empty stomach

Controls diabetes:

the phytochemicals and antioxidants in carrots controls sugar levels. Carrots are non-starchy, which consists of about quarter of carbohydrates, low glycemic index which slows down the absorption and digestion process, maintains glucose levels and thus regulates sugar levels in the body.

Boosts immune system:

deficiency of vitamin A in the human body is the result of weak immune system. Carrot contains antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps in boosting immune system. Vitamin A has anti-viral properties, which protects our body from cough, cold and fever. It helps in better functioning of white blood cells, by promoting thymus gland.

Helps from cardio vascular diseases:

vitamin A present in carrot, will prevent hypertrophy, a thick and harmful lining of ventricular walls, it also crushes the heart tissue remodelling in the process to stress which contributes to heart stroke. Vitamin K in heart helps from blood clotting and keeps the heart levels healthy. Carrots contain vitamin C that helps from preventing coronary heart disease.  Pectin present in carrot decreases the cholesterol levels, thereby decreasing the risk of heart attack. It removes the bad cholesterol and excess LDL, from the walls of arteries and blood vessels.  (Also Read: Warnings and Signs Of Heart Attack)

Improves dental health:

Carrots are crunchy vegetables and very much helpful for building up calcium in the teeth and removing teeth decay and plaque. It acts as natural tooth brush, as when the carrot is mixed with saliva it removes gum from the teeth. This must be taken in between meal and snack time to remove the left out food stuck in between the teeth (Also Read: How To Whiten Teeth)

Promotes bone health:

The vitamin A in carrots turns in to retinol in the liver and thus distributes it to eyes and bones. Carrot contains 25 mg of calcium, which promotes bone health, reduces osteoporosis and increases bone density. Vitamin C is important in formation of collagen in bones, and this vitamin C is abundantly seen in carrots.

Weight loss vegetable:

carrot contains fibre which are soluble and insoluble, which takes enough time to digest and thus keeps your stomach full. Carrot contains zero fat, which is the best way to add in your diet. (Also Read: How To Lose Weight)

Improves memory power during aging:

Carrots are specially considered for increasing memory power. Carrot contains fibre and carbohydrates, which enhances blood flow to the brain, keeps it active and increases memory power. Carrots contain compound called luteolin, which helps from age related memory deficiency.

Beauty benefits of carrots

Gives glowing skin:

Carrot contains high silicon content, beta carotene, lutein and lycopene which gives beautiful and lowing skin and nails. (Read: Tips For Glowing Skin) 

Helps from premature aging of skin:

Betacarotene and retinoids, turns down the process of skin aging cells. The carotenoid in carrot slows down the aging of skin and removes wrinkles and fine lines on skin. Take carrot juice on empty stomach regularly in order to stay young and fit. (Read: Remedies for Wrinkles)

Treats blemishes and scars:

The scars and blemishes formed on face, can be avoided both internally and externally. Just apply carrot juice pulp on the face daily. Drink carrot juice for scar free skin

Protects skin from sun:

Carrot safeguards skin from sun UV rays. It forms a protective layer on the skin and heals dry, scaly patchy skin. The carotenoids present in carrot helps skin from being rough and damage. Beta carotene decreases the sensitive skin and acts as natural sun block.

  • Daily take 1 cup of carrot juice on empty stomach.

Promotes hair growth :

Carrots contain vitamin A,C,K,B1,B6,B2,B2, rich in potassium, fibre, which does not only promote hair growth but also stops premature of hair whitening. It works on the dry scalp, increases blood circulation, produces sebum and thus promotes hair growth. (Read: Remedies For Hair Growth)

Repairs skin disorders:

Carrot contains beta carotene, vitamin A, K,C, which helps in skin repairing. Just take the pulp of carrot and apply on the scars, warts, acne, burns, wounds, etc., and the wound will be healed, without leaving any scar behind.

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