14 Best Summer Season Tips Need To Follow

best summer season tipsbest summer season tips

With every season, we have to maintain our skin, health and beauty. Likewise it’s now time for the skin care regime. Summer is coming and everyone is afraid of dry skin, dehydration, skin tan, hot temperatures, etc., with little precautions; we can take care of our skin during summers, without any tension.

Quick tips for summer season:

  • Drink lots of water and liquids
  • Do not go out between 12PM to 4 PM
  • Keep yourself protected while going out
  • Carry water or any type of liquid to avoid dehydration

Drink water:

Drink water as much as you can. At least one must drink 8-10 glasses of water. Switch on to juices than tea or coffee. Drink water keeps your body hydrated and avoids from dehydration

Cover your hair:

While going out, cover your hair with scarf or umbrella. When hair is directly exposed to sun, hair becomes dry, frizzy, attracts pollution and hair is broken. Sweat is emerged from the scalp and thus causes irritation and dandruff. Keep your hair off your neck, or just tie up. If you want to look trendy, then go for trendy hairstyles like topnuts, ballerina buns, braids, ponytails, etc.,

Use clarifying shampoo:

Switch to clarifying and deep cleansing shampoos. It removes itchiness and dandruff from the scalp, gives hair shining and smooth.

Condition your hair:

Do not forget to apply conditioners after shampoos. Conditioning is more important especially during summers as it helps from hair breakage. During summers we usually go to pool, the chlorine content in the water makes hair dry and damaged.

Hair spray:

Carry a hair spray in the hand bag. Spray your hair, quite often, to protect hair from frizzy, dry. Hair spray keeps your hair fresh and with nice fragrance.

Apply coconut oil:

One big mistake everyone does is, during summers, no one applies oil, why, because, oil is sticky and gets more sweat during summers. But remember, by applying oil to hair, hair gets cleansed, moisturised, and conditioned making it shiny and strong.

Moisturise your skin:

With dehydration, your skin loses water and becomes dry. Moisturise your skin by drinking water, liquids and by applying moisturisers to skin.  Prefer water proof and light based moisturisers which does not leave oily and greasy effect on the face. By applying moisturiser your skin, your skin will be protected from sun burn, sun tan, bacteria, pollution.

Exfoliate skin:

Exfoliate with scrub in circular motion, for 2-3 times a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, and keeps skin neat and clean. Never do excess of exfoliation, which leads to skin rash and redness. Due to over exfoliation, excess skin cells are removed and makes skin dry and rough.

Apply sunscreen:

Apply SPF 30 sunscreen to the body, while going out. Never step out without applying sunscreen. Because when we step out, without applying then your skin may get effected with sun tan, sun burn, wrinkles and fine lines.

Lip balm:

Apply lip balm with SPF 30, to avoid dry and chapped lips. Dehydration leads to dry lips, apply it daily while going out.  It retains moisture and also gives glowing pink lips

Apply aloevera :

Apply aloe vear and drink juice of it. Aloe vera has the soothing remedies which soothes skin, moisturises body too. It contains antioxidants which protects skin from sun UV rays, pollution and from damaging.

Healthy diet:

Stop or slow the intake of oil or junk food totally. Switch to hydrating fruits and vegetables, which moisturises and keeps body hydrated from within, which prevents dehydration. Go for veggies, cucumber, water melon, oranges, citrus fruits, etc.,

Concentrate on eye make up:

Apply water proof liquid mascara, eye liner and kajal. Do you want your kajal and mascara to flow across your face with the sweat and oil make up. Apply less and low eye make up to give the shadowy effect. Cover your eyes with sun glasses while stepping out.

Choose and wear wisely:

Cotton fabrics are always chosen during summers. Wear lose fabric, which makes skin to breathe, rather than tight fabrics which turns skin to allergic and rashes. Try to wear light colours, than bright one, because, sun uv rays gets attracted easily towards bright colours.


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