10 Unbeatable Benefits Of Drinking Milk With Dates.


Milk and dates are nutritious and healthy supplements which have lots of health benefits. Do you know drinking milk with dates can avoid doctor to the greater extent. This culture of drinking milk with dates can be seen mostly in muslim community. Drinking milk with dates suits all age groups right from children to elderly person. (Read: Benefits of eating dates)

How to prepare Milk with Date Palms

  • Take a glass of warm milk, add some freshly washed dates.
  • Rest them for 15 mins in milk
  • let it absorb the ingredients in the milk
  • Mix it properly and have it (Read: Why to avoid milk with banana)


For more health benefits you can also

  • Soak dates in milk overnight
  • next day morning drink it as it is
  • or you can warm the milk and drink it.

Health benefits of Milk with Dates :

For muscle strength :

Dates are rich in protein so is milk. When combined both, they give extra protein content, which gives good bone density and muscle health. This is usually preferred during workouts and exercises. (Read: Goat milk for muscle building)

For sexual health :

Dates are said to be used as aphrodisiac , which increases, sexual health, stamina and libido.

How to drink ?

  • Soak dates overnight in milk
  • Next day morning drink the whole milk with dates.

Restores energy :

In the morning, we tend to eat less and half stomach, this leads to tired and weakness. This can be sorted out by date with milk. Dates contains glucose and fructose which gives energy to the body and maintains stamina throughout the day.

How to prepare ?

  • Take ½ liter of milk
  • Remove the seeds from dates  and keep in the milk
  • Boil the milk for 15 mins.
  • Let it get warm and then drink
  • But drink only after regular breakfast.

Fights anemia :

Dates and milk contains iron. By regular intake of this drink, you will get abundant supply of blood and gets rid of anemia.

Gives glowing skin :

One who is suffering from wrinkles, acne or any other skin problems, then drinks serves the best. Dates with milk increases blood circulation in the body and face, giving you a glowing skin. (Read: Coffee benefits for Glowing skin)

  • Drink 1 glass of milk with 4 date palms.
  • Try this at least for 1 month and the result is visible.

Easily digestible :

Dates and milk contains fiber, which regulates gastrointestinal tracts. By this one can have easy bowel movements, easy digestion. This drink is preferred to the elderly people who suffers from constipation issues at the age of 60-70. (Read: Remedies for stomach bloating)

Improves  brain health :

Vitamin B6 present in this drink,  increases the brain and memory power. This drink must be given to children on empty stomach, it gives the super memory power.

Relief from joint pains :

Milk with dates contains rich calcium, which give bone health and gets relief from joint pains and increases bone density. This should be taken for the women at the age of 40. Because after 40, bone density gets less and starts joint pains. (Read: Remedies for Varicose veins)

  • Start taking this drink daily with 5 date palms.

Helps in gaining weight :

Milk mixed with dates promotes weight gain.  The calorie intake will be higher than that burnt. So, it is an easy weight gain diet.  Specially for the children at the age of 9-14 will be seen an easy gain process, if this drink is given regularly.

  • Take 2 to 3 cups of milk with dates every evening and 1 cup before going to bed.

Keeps allergies away :

Now as the raining and winter seasons are coming, there comes seasonal allergies with every seasonal change. Here is the recipe for the moms who got tired of going around doctors. This health drink is the exceptional  drink for kids, because this drink contains anti-microbial properties, which protects from infections and infections.

Bottom line :

Milk if drunk with dates is an exceptional health drink which can be drunk from young to elder. Take at least 1 glass of milk with dates everyday.

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