What Happens When You Put Onion In Your Socks While You Sleep


When we cut onion, we get tears.we all know, internally onion is good for health, but do you know, externally, onion does great job to our health.

Onion is the low calorie veggie, and is high in vitamins, minerals, sulphur, fiber, folate, potassium,etc.,.

  • Onion is used in recipes, cuisines, salads and various menus. Eating onion lowers your body temperature and keeps it calm and cool.
  • Onions contain antioxidant which lowers bad cholesterol and keeps heart fit and strong
  • Antioxidants called quercetin present in onion cures diabetes and lowers blood sugar levels
  • Onion contains manganese, which protects our body from flu, cold and other infections.
  • Onion contains powerful flavanoids which kills tumour cells and stops cancer
  • It contains vitamin C, which is a great booster to strengthen your immune system.

Try this method and observe a miracle by putting onion in your shocks when you going to sleep. It can purifies your blood, remove toxins, cure cold, flu, kill germs.

What Happens When Onion is Kept Under Shocks?

According to national union association, this remedy was in existence since from 1500’s where bubonic plague was much in existence, and people used red or white onion to eradicate plaque.

Another theory comes from Chinese medicinal theory that, onion slice works on nerves which works on focal points on the feet and works on the internal organs.  

Meridians are the access point present below our feet, which have direct link to each and every part of our body internally. Our body has about 7000 meridians and these are deactivated due to constant wearing of foot wear. So try to be bare foot, as much as you can

This onion slice socks remedy works on meridian point theory.

How To Place Onion In Socks?

  • Take a red or white onion
  • Cut the slices which are pesticide free and dust free
  • See to it that your feet is cleaned and cleared
  • Now take a neat washed sock
  • Place the onion in your sock and see to it that onions are placed under your feet.
  • Keep it overnight and remove it next morning

Benefits Of Placing Onion In Socks Covered

There are many benefits of keeping cut onion slices, under the feet with socks covered especially during night times.

1. Purifies Blood :

Onion contains phosphoric acid enters blood stream which purifies blood. When you put cut onion slice in your shocks it infiltrate body, kills bacteria and virus and purifies blood.

2. Purifies Air:

When onion slice is kept in shocks , the pungent smell in onion, removes the bacteria, virus and toxins in the air, purifies air and gives fresh breath and that’s why onions are considered as natural air purifiers

3. Detox Body:

Onion contains antioxidants, which enters the body, removes toxins specifically from liver and detoxifies body.

4. Keeps Body Hydrated:

People who are suffering from dehydration, can work on this theory. Onion contains 90% of water. If applied on the feet and interacted with meridian points, water meets maximum parts and body gets hydrated.

Bottom line:

There has been no medical research specifically done on this remedy. But if you are allergic or suffering from fever or flu, its wise to seek advise from doctors.  




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