How to Help Someone With Cancer: 10 Suggestions.


The news of someone you know getting cancer is hard to take. You might want to do whatever you can to help them out. However, asking for a suggestion on how to offer support is not a smart choice as it can lead to conflict.

Instead, you should take a proactive approach and figure out what you can do without putting that person in a place where they need to ask for help.

Let’s take a look at some of the things one can do to support cancer patients in need. 

#1 – Reach Out to Support Groups

Beatcancer and other dedicated communities that exist to support cancer patients can help you out. Even if you are trying your best to come up with ideas, it is easy to miss something that can be pretty obvious due to the stress you have to go through.

#2 – Help Them With Grocery

Grocery shopping might not seem like a big deal, but when someone gets cancer, their energy levels drop significantly. Even buying basic grocery products can become a bothersome thing to do.

Step in and be the one who takes care of grocery shopping. You can do it in person or arrange for online deliveries.

#3 – Try to Motivate Them

A cancer diagnosis does not have to be the end of the world. Plenty of people pull through despite all the negativity and hardships.

Finding motivation is one example of those hardships. As someone who wants to help, you can find ways to motivate them to eat their meals, exercise, and continue living.

#4 – Provide Laughter

Laughter is often thought of as the best medicine. Even if the feeling is temporary, a short laugh can be a significant difference-maker in making a day of a cancer patient tolerable and miserable. 

Whether it is a joke you tell yourself or share a funny video, your efforts will go a long way so long as the laughter is there.

#5 – Visit the Hospital

The days patients have to spend in the hospital are long, especially when there is not that much to do but lie in bed all the time.

Keeping them company is one of the best things you can do. Even if you are really busy yourself and can make only a short visit, you should still do it whenever you can. Seeing another person appear is a blessing. Not to mention how much it means when you have someone to talk to.

Finally, even if you do not have anything to talk about yourself, listening can be enough. Or if both of you do not have anything to say and are comfortable being together in silence, that is perfectly fine as well. 

#6 – Remain in Touch

If you cannot visit in person, do not neglect to stay in touch. Send texts, make phone calls, and talk to them on other channels whenever you can. 

Just showing that you are thinking about them can be enough to pull through and survive another day. A short message is enough. It is about consistency.

#7 – Pray With Them

Those who are of faith will likely ask you to pray together with them for better health. Accommodate such a request because prayer is a source that gives courage to cancer patients. 

#8 – Help Them With Everyday Tasks

From taking care of their kids to preparing meals, there are bound to be various tasks that need to be taken care of, and you can be the person to stand in and help out.

Of course, you have things you need to do in your own life, but an hour or two can still go a long way in making things easier for the family who has to take care of a cancer patient on top of everything else going on.

#9 – Relief the Primary Caregiver of Their Duty

A cancer patient should have a dedicated caregiver. The two form a team and are in it together. Therefore, you also need to consider everything that a caregiver has to go through as well. Help them out and let them rest so they will have more energy to continue doing what they have been doing until now. 

#10 – Act as You Would Naturally

Dealing with cancer is not fun, but you should understand that the patient does not want to be treated differently. That would only make things worse.

Act as you would every day and remain casual. Talk about things you would talk about regularly and provide that source of feeling like life is normal for them. 

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