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Apricots one amongst the dry fruits, is much popularly known as ‘khubani’. In India apricots are used in salads, desserts, ice-creams, jams, jellies, etc., eating raw apricot gives lot of health benefits. But very few knew the health benefits of apricot.

Apricots are the small orange dry fruits, with a big seed embedded in it. It is silky, smooth and velvety. It contains niacin, beta-carotine, vitamin A, E, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron and mineral content. (Read: Benefits of Carrot juice)

Health benefits of apricots :

Fights constipation : 

Apricots contain pectin, cellulose and high amount of fiber, which is easily soluble and digestible in the stomach. The high fiber content increases the bowl movement thus giving a easy passage through the digestive tract. Fiber is the major remedy for constipation, which is extensively present in apricots.(Read: Remedies for constipation)

One apricot contains 3 gm of fiber. So it is recommended to take 38 gm for men and 25 gm for women. Take dried or fresh apricots without seeds per day.

Note : For diabetic patients, consult doctor before its usage

Improves bone health :

Osteoporosis is the disease caused by lack of bone health. This is cured by intake of apricots. Apricots contain calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and iron. Potassium is responsible for bone distribution in our body. Consuming of apricots gives calcium and phosphorous and avoids bone related problems. (Read: Dates With Milk For bone health)

Fights cancer :

The carotenoids, powerful  antioxidants vitamin A and C, are present in apricots. These suppress the free radicals. Free radicals are the direct attackers, which suppress the DNA cells and convert them into cancerous cells.

Having enough quantity of apricots can prevent cancer, apricot seeds contain B17 fights cancer cells and improves immunity:

Gives a healthy heart :

Apricots generates good cholesterol and removes bad cholesterol in the body. It  contains potassium, vitamin C, lycopene, flavonoids, which controls electrolytes and blood pressures, thus lowering the risk of heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular and heart problems.  The fibre content present in apricots removes the cholesterol present in blood vessel linings, thereby giving a healthy heart. (Read: Signs for heart attack)

Improves eye sight :

Either with aging or with some typical eye problems, eyes face a lot of problems. The carotenoids and xanthophylls, present in apricots protects eyes, during aging. The lutein present in apricots protects retina. (Read: Remedies for dark circles)

For rich eyesight take at least 100 gms of apricot per day:

Good treatment for anaemia :

Apricots contains vitamin C, iron and copper, which helps to generate haemoglobin in the body.  Loss of blood leads to low immunity, weakness and indigestion. This is carb out by consuming apricots daily which boost metabolism and increases immunity.

Treats the ear pain :

If you are suffering from serious ear pain, then its better to pour 2 drops of apricot oil in the ear. This gives an instant relief from ear pain.

For pregnant woman and baby :

Some of the important minerals like folic acid, proteins, iodine and calcium are needed during the prenatal period to nurture the baby in the womb. These are abundantly in apricots. If the pregnant woman takes it in sufficient modes, will also help you  to maintain your weight during pregnancy. (Read: Food not to be avoided in pregnancy)

Good toner for skin :

Apricot oils are good toner for skin. By applying apricot oil daily to the face, gives even and glowing skin, by kicking off the toxins and dead skin cells from the body. Also treats various skin diseases like itching, scabies and eczema.

Treats asthma :

Apricot oil is known to be anti-asthamatic in nature and treats on it. Intake of these oils pressurises on the lungs, thus getting relief from asthma

Bottom line :

Apricot the king of dry fruits, have lots of health benefits.  Optimal use of apricots regulates and maintains health.

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