The Best Advised Diet Plan And Diet Tips For Weight Loss.


what is the first thing we get in our mind regarding diet?

Diet is the healthy eating to live healthy. According to the recent survey, about 120 crore women suffer from obesity, while 90 crore men are facing weight gain.

Obesity is the major subject which every one is facing right from 5 year kid to 70 year adult. To cut down this weight along with diet physical activity is also being included.

Note : Only exercise or yoga alone doesnot helps in weight loss.

Every day human must intake minimum 1200 calories to the body. The diet we take must be “low-carb high nutrition diet”. Our body requires atleast 60-70% calories to do our activities. The rest 30% is converted into fats leaving with obese and weight gain.

Tips for weight loss diet:

  • Never skip breakfast.
  • Never skip meals.
  • Give 3 hours gap between each meal or snacks.
  • Opt for fruits or salads in place of snacks.
  • Drink plenty of water, liquid juices.
  • Avoid fruits after 6 in the evening because those get turned into fats.
  • Opt for coconut or olive oil in place of refined oil.
  • Try to take high content protein, minerals, vitamin, zinc content food, which gives strength to the body.
  • Make one day for carb day, where you can have all your favourite spicy food.
  • Limit the usage of salt, sugar, outside street or hotel food.
  • Along with diet a little exercises or yoga is to be made compulsory.

1. Early Morning(6 AM):

Early Morning Snacks :

Firstly body detoxification is to be done by taking some liquids like green tea or lemon juice with honey. After 1 hour take 2 biscuits with tea i.e., without sugar or opt for high energetic fruit like apple, so that the body gets enough calories of about 90 – 100.

2. Breakfast(9 AM):

Morning Breakfast :

Breakfast is the energy booster time where you need to mug up all the extra calories of about 300-330 to get enough strength. Take a solid breakfast that is rich in protein and fiber i.e., roti or eggs or idli with a cup of milk or fruit juice. Remember taking a cup of milk increases bone density to women.

3. Mid Morning Snacks(11 AM):

Mid Morning snack :

It is the interval snack between morning and lunch. After 11 every one gets hungry and look out for some munchy snack. But wait, take a light snack where your hunger is complete, and you are ready for lunch. Opt for a fruit or milkshake without cream or dry fruits of about 50 calories.

4. Lunch(1 PM):

Lunch :

Take a full whole meal of not more than 360 calories. Try to have brown rice rather than white rice, limit yourself to 1 cup. Include roti, salad, soup, raita, for extra calibre.

5. Evening Snacks (5PM):

Evening snacks :

Evening 5.00 p.m every one thinks of something munchy, and opt for tea or coffee. Instead, opt for butter milk or fruit salad or puffed rice or veg soups. Between lunch and dinner the gap is big, if the body doesn’t enough calories,the blood sugar levels decreases and then you will have all the health problems like bloating, irritation, indigestion, etc.,

6. Dinner (8PM):

Dinner :

There is a proverb “have dinner like beggar”. Eat less but healthy, a light meal, but not full stomach. Opt for upma or dalia or roti, of not more than 380 cal.

Bottom line :

After every snack or meal go for a 10 min walk. We all eat to live, so why don’t we eat healthy. Maintain a proper diet, choose nominal exercises, drink lots of water and liquid.

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