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As winter is coming by, cold air sucks our skin turning it into dry, pale and flaky. However cautious we might be,to avoid dry skin, by taking care of our skin like applying tons of lotions and cold creams, the results will be same, zero.

Hello everyone, welcome to Girlicious Beauty, in this article we are going to discuss why dry skin forms and what are the best home remedies for dry skin. (Read: Facemasks for dry skin)

Why is Dry Skin Caused? Do You Know Why?

when the skin is unable to take sufficient moisture in the epidermal layer, then the dry skin is caused. well, it is also caused due to extensive use of harsh soaps, moisturizers, frequently using of water, long baths,hypothyroidism, low intake of water, adults as well.

In adults, as the age grows the skin’s pores gets closed and naturally couldn’t produce oils which leads to dry skin. Extensive dry skin leads to cracking, itching, rashes and finally to skin break down.(Read: Best foods for Dry skin)

Is this curable ?

Definitely yes.This is not so serious if diagnosed early and can be remedied at home itself. Few preventive measures and with some home made remedies the dry skin can turn up into beautiful and normal skin.

what are the home remedies for dry skin?

There is no need to go to market and specially buy the ingredients for dry skin. these are available in our kitchen, which we use daily and these are all our (bamma chitkalu)grand ma tips. so here we go,

1.First and foremost start taking bath for not more than 10 minutes with lukewarm water with light and gentle cleansers. (Read: Tips for dry lips)

2.Totally avoid hot water, harsh soaps and rough scrubs as these have the tendency to remove the natural oils from the body.

3.Try to apply moisturisers within 3 to 5 mins after bath.

4. Olive Oil :

Olive oil contains anti oxidants, anti aging and hydrating properties which is not only good for the skin but also for hair and nails as well. (Read: Benefits and side effects of castor oil)

Apply olive oil on the dry skin and massage it before going to bath, leave it for half an hour. After the bath apply moisturiser, to retain the natural oils in your body.

  • Olive oil with brown sugar : Take 1 Table spoons of honey, 2 table spoons of olive oil and 4 table spoons of brown sugar. Mix it well and apply on the affected areas and pat dry for half-an hour. Take a bath and apply light moisturiser.

5. Milk :

Milk contains the best anti-inflammatory properties and lactic acid which helps to exfoliate the skin by preserving the moisturisation of the skin. (Read: Benefits of Drinking Goat milk for skin)

Milk with rose water : Take few drops of milk and rosewater, apply the solution all over the body, and wash it after 10 minutes. Continue this cycle thrice in a week.

6. Milk cream:

Also contains lactic acid which exfoliates the skin by removing the dead cell from the skin and retaining the moisturiser. (Read: Tips for pink lips)

  • Milk cream with gram flour : Take 4 tablespoons of gram flour, 4 tablespoons of milk cream, make a paste and apply it on the affected areas. After 15 minutes take a bath with luke warm water , this shall be done daily.

7. Honey :

Honey contains the anti-oxidants which helps in fight aging, bacteria, an awesome moisturiser which helps in retaining the beautiful skin.

Apply honey on the dry skin let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water (Read: Tips for Dry feet)

  • Honey with coconut oil : Take 2 table spoons of jojoba oil or coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of honey, apply to the skin in circular motion. let it pat dry and wash off with lukewarm water.

8. Yogurt :

Yogurt contains lactic acid, mineral zinc, vitamin B1, B12 and B5 and is anti inflammatory agent which turns the dry skin into normal skin and even changes the skin tone. Yogurt is the cheapest and the best anti oxidant for dry skin which is available in every household. (Read: Benefits of cracked heels)

Just take 3 tablespoons of yogurt, whisk it and apply it on to your face directly, leave it for 20 mins and wash your face. This not only removes dead skin from your face but also tightens the skin pores.

  • Yogurt with gram flour/besan : Take 3 spoons of yogurt mix it with 4 table spoons of besan/gram flour. Mix the whole paste, apply it on to your face, pat dry for 20 minutes and wash with luke warm water. This process can be done twice in a week.

9. Oatmeal :

Now we all know how much oats are nutritious for our body, but from externally also it makes wonders. Take an oatmeal bath. yes, you heard it right. since from ages oatmeal has proven an excellent anti-oxidant for dry skin.

Take 1 cup of oatmeal, make it powder, and dumb this mixture in the bath tub with running water in it. see to it, that no lumps are formed. soak yourself in the bath tub for about 15-20 minutes and pat dry. You would be able to feel the sensitivity in your skin. (Read: Benefits of vaseline for dry skin)

  • Oatmeal with yogurt : Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal powder, add 2 tablespoons of yogurt, whisk properly, apply on to your face. pat dry and wash it off.

10. Coconut oil :

A natural ingredient containing the best and the easiest soothers to dry skin is coconut oil. It soothes naturally and gives an instant relief to dry skin.

Just apply mild hot coconut oil directly all over your body. This can be done before going to bath or at night before going to bed, take a bath with lukewarm water. Try this daily until the dry skin problem gets off.

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