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The waste in our body is sent out in the form of urine and stool. These say a lot about one’s health condition. Did you ever observed its color, smell, how often you go, the quantity you are going. Yes, you have to, because it shows your health status. If one is healthy and urinary system is healthy, then bladder can hold 16 ounces(2 cups) for 2-5 hrs. Urine is the body’s liquid waste which is made of nitrogen, uric acid and urea. So never control or try to stop from peeing. Kidney does the function of removing toxins, waste material and extra water from blood and pass it to gal bladder. Urine consists of what you eat, drink. It reflects your medicines, water intake, fluids, the food you have taken.

What is the urine color :

Generally, the urine color should be light yellow to golden color. This might be due to heavy intake of water, if taking lots of fluids.

  • If you does not pee for long time, then urine comes in thicker form.
  • But different urine colors present different health stages.

Check out different urine colors:

Brown or dark honey :

This could be because, your body is dehydrated. Your body needs more water. Brown urine appears due to excess eating of aloe vera, food colors, fava beans, etc.,

  • Brown urine is also output of kidney disorders, dehydration, urine infections, melanoma.
  • Billirubin when it makes blood, because of bad liver conditions, then there is possibility.
  • Brown urine also appears due to excessive medications on anti-malarial and antibacterial drugs, iron supplements.
  • Consult doctor, start taking fluids, liquids and juices. switch off the foods that causes brown urine infection.

Orange :

This could be lighter side or something serious. The first thing is getting dehydrated. if not drinking water, then this could be the reason.

  • If taken excess of vitamin B and C contained foods, then there is the risk.
  • Pale stools or yellow skin and eyes.
  • Taking high dose of rich in beta carotene will also change the color to orange.
  • Change of urine color is also indication of liver or billiary tract problems.
  • Person under going chemotherapy will also face this.

Consult doctor immediately and take necessary action:

Pink or red :

This is due to food dyes or natural dye color. Excess intake of black berries, beetroots, rhubarb. Blood in the urine causes red urine. Blood in the urine and red urine is the symptoms of tumor, prostrate problems.

  • kidneys, urine infections, kidney cysts, kidney or bladder stones, enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Some of the medications also changes the color like Rifampin, Laxatives, Anisindione, Phenolphthalein.

Consult doctor as soon as possible, because this is not the simple issue which can be rectified easily.

Blue or green :

Specially food dyes can turn urine into green.

  • Some of the usage of medications like propofol, indomethacin, amitriptyline can lead to blue or green urine.
  • Green urine appears due to urine infections caused by pseudomonas bacteria.
  • If have protein in urine, then there is problem in kidney.

How many times a day you should go?

  • One must go up to 8 times a day. it depends on their drinking, eating, lifestyle.
  • If you pee more than that there is a serious problem which has to be consulted.
  • This could be sign of vaginitis in women, kidney disease, diabetes, urinary infections.
  • Excess intake of coffee and asparagus may also lead to urine odour, this is left out in the bathrooms for long hours.

Different odours indicate different states

Foul odour :

This could be due to bacterial infection.

Musty odour :

This happens due to metabolic or liver disease.

Sweet odour:

This indicates that person is suffering from diabetes.

Bottom line :

Urine may be of whatever color, consult your doctor, because its serious. Observe the pee, its smell, color, etc., because its reveals our health status.

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