5 Solid Vegetable Soups That Really Works For Weight Loss

Vegetable soups for weight lossVegetable soups for weight loss

Weight loss chart includes exercise, diet, cutting of favorite food, restricting yourself from eating. But wait! why restricting yourself from eating your favorite food?

We have these amazing vegetable soups which are specially designed for weight loss.Just take 1 bowl of vegetable soup before meals, so that your belly is full and food intake is less.

Try these delightful 5 vegetable soup recipes which are tasty, less in calories, gives your body enough metabolism and strength.

1.Tomato Soup for Weight Loss:

Tomato soup is the king of all soups, which can be cooked easily, by each and everyone. On the top of it contains only 30 calories. Tomato has contains nutrition’s, Vitamin C and Beta carotene.

Ingredients :

  • Tomatoes : 5 large red.
  • Garlic cloves : 3.
  • Salt : To taste.
  • Black Pepper : T o taste.
  • Butter : 1/2 tea spoon.
  • Cumin seeds : 1/2 tea spoon.

Cooking Time : 20 mins.

Process :

  • Take 5 large red tomatoes and wash them thoroughly.
  • Add them in the Pressure cooker and let them cook up-to 4 whistles.
  • Take out the cooker and let them cool.
  • After cooling, remove the peels and make a smooth paste with blender.
  • Take a bowl, pour the paste and add some water.
  • Add salt and allow it to boil.
  • Take a saucepan, add butter, finely chopped garlic cloves, cumin seeds and black pepper.
  • Allow it to splutter.
  • Pour the entire thing, on the top of soup.
  • Serve and enjoy.

2.Broccoli soup for Weight Loss :

Broccoli soup is the richest nutrient vegetable among all. It is an amazing antioxidant which helps in cancer prevention, weight reduction, etc.,

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Ingredients :

  • Broccoli florets : 1 cup.
  • Sliced onions : 1 cup.
  • Chopped garlic : 4 cloves.
  • Potato : 1 Boiled.
  • Olive oil : 2 tsp.
  • Salt : to taste.
  • Pepper : to taste.

Cooking time : 20 mins.

Process :

  • Heat olive oil in a pan, add finely chopped onions and thinly garlic cloves, until the colour changes.
  • Now add washed broccoli florets, boiled and chopped potato, salt and saute for 2-3 mins.
  • Add water,cook in low flame until broccoli becomes tender.
  • Let it cool and then make puree with blender.
  • Again heat the puree by adding water and pepper accordingly.

3. Corn and Green peas soup Weight Loss:

Corn and peas contains fiber which gives excess amount of energy and metabolism to the body, specially women need to consume fiber in higher amounts.

Ingredients :

  • Corn : 1 cup.
  • Green Peas : 2 cups.
  • Low fat milk : 1/4 cup.
  • salt : to taste.
  • Onion : 1/2.
  • chopped Oil : 1 tsp.
  • Coriander leaves : 1 tsp.
  • Mint leaves : 1 tsp.
  • Black pepper : to taste.

Cooking Time : 15 mins

Process :

  • Take corn, green peas, onion, salt and 4 cups of water in a bowl.
  • Cook this for 15 minutes in low flame
  • Keep aside some of the corns for toppings
  • Blend it and make puree
  • To this puree add milk, coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt, black pepper and again boil for 5 mins.
  • That’s it serve the hot soup.

4. Mixed vegetable soup  for Weight Loss:

The list is big, but contains all the nutritious vegetables, which are healthy, losses weight and gives bone health.

Ingredients :

  • Carrot : 2.
  • Cabbage : 1 cup.
  • Beet root :1/2 cup.
  • Garlic : 4-5 cloves.
  • Corn : handful.
  • Tomatoes : 3.
  • Onion : 1/2.
  • Cardamom : 2.
  • Cinnamon : 1 small piece.
  • Salt : to taste.
  • Red chilli powder : For taste.
  • Chat masala : for taste.
  • Jeera/cumin powder : for taste.

Cooking time : 15 mins.

Process :

  • Take all the veggies with cinnamon stick, salt, excluding corn in a pressure cooker with 3 glasses of water and let it cook.
  • Until 3 whistles.
  • Remove the lid after cooling. strain the vegetables from water.
  • Keep aside the water for making soup.
  • Now make puree of vegetables with blender.
  • Take a pan, heat 2 tsp of olive oil, add finely chopped garlic cloves, cardamom and puree.
  • The strained water is to be added to puree with all the masala powders.
  • Boil it for 5 mins To this soup add steamed corn,
  • coriander leaves as toppings.

5. Mushroom soup for Weight Loss:

Mushroom contains abundant health properties which fights against cancer, heart diseases,etc.,

Ingredients :

  • Mushroom : 1/2 kg.
  • Garlic : 3.
  • leek : 1.
  • Olive oil : 1 tsp.
  • vegetable stock : 5 cups
  • Corn flour : 2 tsp
  • Cream : 2 tsp

Process :

  • Take a pan.
  • heat olive oil and finely chopped leek..
  • saute for 5 mins until it gets settled down in the oil.
  • Add chopped garlic cloves and saute for about 1 min.
  • Add sliced mushroom and saute for 5 mins Keep aside some mushrooms for toppings.
  • Add to this vegetable stock and let it cook for 30 mins in low flame.
  • Take this mixture and blend it to make puree.
  • To this puree add cornflour powder, for thickening, cream, salt and black pepper.
  • let it boil for 5 mins and serve hot cup a soup.

Bottom line :

These are one of the most used vegetable soups for weight loss. But remember every vegetable is nutritious and healthy. Take any 2 vegetables and you can make soup out of it. It is our determination to loose weight which counts but not the recipes. Enjoy these tasty soups, where you doesn’t have to compromise with your taste buds.


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