Growing Magic Mushrooms? Here’s What to Know.


Mushrooms are a popular delicacy that adds flavor and taste to otherwise dull meals. They are famous for their culinary and therapeutic gains and come in different varieties. A perfect example is the magic mushroom, popularly known as the Psilocybin mushrooms.

These are a group of naturally occurring fungi. They can be consumed raw, dried, or in beverages like tea and coffee to produce the desired hallucinogenic effects. What’s more, there are multiple varieties of magic mushrooms. And the Fungus Head team will tell you that all have varying strengths and potency. Nevertheless, these mushrooms are easy to cultivate, and you only need essential equipment, spores, and substrate to grow healthy mushrooms.

Are magic mushrooms legal?

Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for thousands of years, and most experts believe they are safe. However, the Controlled Substances Act recognizes them as a Schedule 1 Substance, making them illegal in some counties. This is slowly changing, though! And this is because researchers continue to reveal their therapeutic benefits. These mushrooms are scarce, and many seek tips on growing them.

Where do psilocybin mushrooms grow?

There are distinct strains of magic mushrooms, and all thrive under different conditions. Some species grow almost everywhere, and you’ll find them in the wild, while others, like penis envy, aren’t common. Species like the Psilocybesemilanceata are common in North America and Europe and grow in most parts of the globe. They thrive well in tropical climates and are good for home growth.

All in all, mushrooms need moisture and nutrients to grow. If you’re seeking the best places to find them, search in densely populated forests and near water bodies. These habitats offer excellent conditions for mushroom growth.

How can I grow magic mushrooms at home?

It’s simple to grow magic mushrooms at home. However, the species require attention, care, and patience. You need various things to grow magic mushrooms successfully and getting a quality spore syringe can be daunting. Purchase the kit from an accredited seller; otherwise, you may end up with contaminated or misidentified spores.

What does the spore kit include? This usually consists of a spore syringe, substrate, and a grow bag. Also, some kits may come with a mycelium, the main body of the fungus, and you only need to add water. However, it’s advisable to grow your mushrooms from scratch to ensure consistent results. If you want to buy mushroom spore syringes, learn the many strains available before purchasing.

How long does it take to go the mushrooms?

This varies depending on the variety and the growth conditions. For instance, mycelium is ready to harvest 5-12 days after you start to notice white bumps, which later sprout into pins. It’s best to pick them before they break the veils to reveal the gills.How successfully you grow the mushrooms depends on how much care you give to them and the nutrients available at each growth stage. If you take good care of your mushrooms, you expect tons of fresh psilocybin mushrooms in about 1-2 months.

How can I stay safe when growing mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are easy to grow; they grow naturally, and you’ll likely spot them in forests and decaying logs. But, it’s also easy to misidentify them, which is a big mistake. To stay safe when growing mushrooms, acquire quality spores and grow them at home if this is legal in your state. Apart from the spores, you need, glass jars, incubators, a fruiting chamber, substrates, a spray bottle, and more.

The spores are legal since they don’t contain the active compound psilocybin. For this reason, you can now buy penis envy mushroomsand other different strains online. Again, even if going mushrooms is illegal in your state, you may still want to learn more about growing these mushrooms.

What are the stages of mushroom growth?

  • Spores

Mushrooms start as single spores but not all reach adulthood. The mushrooms spread energy in the different spores, and a single mushroom can produce billions of spores. If there are no adequate nutrients, the spore dies, and this is why a small number of spores thrive in the wild.

  • Mycelium

This is yet another stage of mushroom growth. It takes up a vast part of the mushroom and lives under the soil in the form of white stands. These absorb nutrients from the ground and the surrounding environment.

  • Mushrooms

Mushrooms are the fruit, and their primary role is to spread the spores. However, how the mushroom spreads the spores varies depending on the species. Some attract help from wild animals, while others produce a cloud containing millions of spores into the air.

Magic mushrooms release spores using the gills on the underside of the mushroom. These disperse into the air and later land on a suitable substrate to begin germination.

What are the common terms and definitions to know when growing magic mushrooms?

You’ll come across different terms when growing magic mushrooms. Some may be familiar, while others may not be common. But understanding them helps avoid mistakes that other mushroom growers make.

Substrate- The substrate is the substance where the mushrooms grow to maturity. It provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and a structure for the mycelium to spread. Common substrates include wood, dead leaf matter, manure, and rye grain.

Mycelium- This is the underground part of the mushroom. It features strands that help absorb water and nutrients from the surroundings to ensure healthy growth.

Inoculate- Inoculate is the introduction of the spores to the growth environment. The trick to successful inoculation is introducing the mushroom spores without allowing contaminants.

Pasteurization- Pasteurization is the process of heating a substrate to destroy or eliminate living organisms.

Incubation-This is the period required for an organism to grow and multiply.

Sterilization- Sterilization is a process that destroys all living organisms on a surface using high heat or toxic elements.

Final thoughts.

With the many mushroom spore syringes in the market, it’s now easy to grow mushrooms. This avoids contamination of the substrate by keeping the spores sterile and storing them for a long duration. However, you can only be sure of quality spores when you acquire them from reputed stores. For successful germination, consider the tips discussed above and enjoy growing healthy mushrooms.

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