After Knowing This, You Will Avoid Drinking Banana With Milk


Banana milkshake, banana milkshake smoothies, banana with milk, wow, the great combination evokes our taste buds right from childhood. Mummies usually give their children, in the morning while going to school, as it is regarded as the healthiest drink and healthy breakfast. Banana milkshake is taken as pre-workout and post workout drink. (Read: How to Grow tall)

But do you know, when eaten separately, gives a great health, but when combined, it entirely changes the process.  Doctors, nutritionists and even diet doctors recommend that, taking banana with milk is not a great combination and contains many side effects.

After knowing this, definitely, you will not be eating banana with milk

Benefits of banana:

Banana contains fat, magnesium, copper, protein, fibre, potassium, vitamin C, Copper and good carb s. It lowers the blood levels, improves digestive system, lose weight, improves heart health, keeps kidney healthy. It contains 100gms of fruit which contains 89 calories, and eating enough of this will make stomach full. Banana is specially eaten for building muscles. (Read: Benefits of Eating Watermelon seeds)

Benefits of Milk:

100 gm of Milk contains 42 calories with protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin A, D, B12, phosphorous, Niacin, etc., Drinking milk gives bone health, heart health, fights cancer, muscle building, comes out from the depression. Milk is rather taken for women in 30’s as the bone starts diminishing. (Read: Benefits of drinking goat milk)

Individually, ingredient contains great health choice, if combined both, then there comes the health problem

It upsets the digestive system :

According to ayurveda, when combined these two foods, these are one of the most incompatible food. These disturbs intestinal flora in digestive system, which greatly effects indigestion and stomach bloating. If taking in the long run, then it leads to vomiting and diarrhoea. ( Read: Remedies for Constipation)

Raises the problem of sinus congestion:

Banana is sour and milk is sweet in nature. The opposite in nature, produces the toxins in the body and arises the problem of sinus congestion, cough, cold and other allergy problems.

Type 2 Diabetes:

Eating banana is ok, but drinking milk with it, gives an over amount of sugar in the body, which is absorbed into blood stream. Our body produces insulin, to remove sugar from the blood it gets converted in to fat. Doing this continuously, cells become insulin resistant, your body tend to develop type-2 diabetes. (Read: Causes and Signs of Heart attack)

Gains weight easily:

Banana and milk combination is fully loaded with fat and sugar. When these two are taken combined, these are indigestible in the stomach and turns in to fat content, which initially lead in weight gaining.

Slows down memory power:

According to ayurveda, when these two are taken it becomes heavy to the body. Due to the heaviness in the body, brain slows down and functions slowly.

Bottom line :

If you got addicted to drink milk with banana, then take at least 20 minutes gap, in between the two. Milk is as equally healthy as banana, each has their own importance, but when both are combined, then there comes the problem.

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