Is Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Beneficial To Health?


Aloe vera comes from the plant species genus aloe. It is the ancient old plant grown in tropical areas, and now is seen in every household, as it holds umpteen benefits. The health and beauty benefits of aloe are innumerable and is known as : plant of immortality”, due to its salient features. Aloe stands as the primary product in every beauty soaps and cosmetic shops. Aloe vera is now sold as gel and as juice in every super markets and drug stores. Aloe vera is easily available and easily planted. Extra care is not needed for this plant to grow as it takes very few water.

How to Prepare Aloevera Juice?

  • Take the big leaf of aloe vera plant
  • Cut the outer green layer as it contain laxative compounds called as anthraquinones, which produce toxins in the body.
  • Scoop the gel with spoon or knife
  • Place the gel in the blender, along with any of the citrus fruits or honey
  • Pour around 1 glass of water to get the juice perfect
  • Blend it properly
  • Delicious juice is ready

Aloe vera taste bitter and for starters, this could be hard to drink. To make it easy, just add any of the citrus fruits or honey, so that the bitterness is gone

If you are taking it for first time start with 1 cup per day

Make it a habit of taking twice a day.

Overdose leads to ingestion, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain.

Benefits of Aloevera Juice:

1.Treats Constipation:

This has to be dealt very carefully. If done improperly then leads to diarrhoea. Consuming aloe vera juice, by removing the laxative toxins, will give effective results. 1 cup of aloe is enough for bowel movement and to for easy stool

2. Keeps Immune System Strong:

Aloe vera juice contain vitamin C, which flushes the toxins out from the body and makes immune system strong. It helps from fighting infections and flu.

3. Hydrates Body:

As aloe contains 96% of water, it is the best source or serving water to body. It hydrates body all day long and helps from exhaustion of body.

4. Works on Gum Inflammation:

Swishing with aloe vera juice, keeps gum problems away. Works on the plaque and controls gum inflammation. According to study, people who have done this for a period of month have seen changes like less gum inflammation.

5. Prevents Stomach Ulcers:

Aloe contain vitamin C and anti-inflammatory compounds, which works on the immune system and digestive tracts and removes stomach ulcers

6. Cures Diabetes:

A regular consumption of aloe, has shown the lower blood sugar levels. This controls the blood sugar levels, keeps stomach at ease, satisfies appetite, keeps stomach full.

7. Weight Loss:

Aloe contains anti-inflammatory agents which keeps stomach full on its consumption and aids to weight loss. This cup of juice is drunk in the morning on empty stomach.

Bottom line:

Aloe vera juice has both benefits and side effects. Choose wisely, the cups of juice to drink depending on the health factor.


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