11 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid after 30’s

Dangerous FoodsDangerous Foods

Human body changes with age. Till 30 body functions fast, resistance, immunity, digestion, beautiful, young and active. After 30, we need to take care of our health and body. Because 40 is the stepping stone to the irregular changes in the body. No one wants to look like 50+ in the age of 30. So it’s time to maintain. Maintain in the terms of health and body, with food, diet and exercise. See in this article the foods you should avoid after 30. 

Foods to avoid after 30

Fruit juices:

Packed and readymade fruit juices are pasteurised. Made with whole sugar, nutrition’s including fiber is removed, just a dummy sugar water is packed in the container. Which is a big no to everyone including kids?

  • Grab a fruit and eat raw, than the juice. Because by making juice, sugars are added, fiber is removed as waste material.


Its the best one, to end our thirst, especially during summers. We stop nearby sodawala, to grab one. But it is the common mistake we are doing. Soda contains sucrose corn syrup, which directly reaches to liver and stored as fat. It also decreases the apetite by resisting the hormone called leptin, which decreases hunger

Potato chips:

Potato chips are a big no. The high fried snack is made with olestra(famously known as olean), contains no fat, cholesterol or calories. It was very popular since from 90’s as the chips contained no fat and is highly delicious. But later, in the coming periods, many of will suffer from serious gut problem, loose stoles and weight gain. Chips contains refined carbohydrates,  the major reason for acne.

White bread:

White bread contains less fiber and more fat. Take whole wheat bread, which contain nutritional values of all grains. White bread is usually preferred by most of us, as sandwiches, with jam or like any other snack. It is totally a pure fat, which must be avoided totally.

Deeply fried food:

Anything which is deeply fried is to be avoided fully. Food which is deeply fried tends to have the properties to cause cancer. It increases the cholesterol levels which in turn pressurises heart. Try out the healthy oils like omega 3 fatty acids, coconut or olive oil

  • Coconut oil is widely used for cooking, due to its health benefits

Soft drinks:

What comes first in our mind, when we think of soft drink. Yummy, colourful, relieves from thirst, gives energy. But wait, do you know, these drinks contain cancer causing agents. These contains added sugars. These have many side effects including negative impact on ovulation, lowers sperm production, increases immortality, makes difficult to conceive.

Canned or stored soups:

Soup is the healthy meal which preferred specially by elders. Because it makes the functioning of digestive system better and increases hunger.  But canned and stored soups are not recommended. Stored and canned soups contains high levels of sodium, which increases the blood pressure levels and it directly effects on joints, bones which leads to osteoporosis

  • Instead of consuming ready made soups, try making your own at home and having it thrice a week. If you have time and patience, it’s better to consume it daily.


Fermented grains are avoided after 40. Beer is one such alcohol, which is made of fermented grains that contain fungus. It also contains carbohydrates, which increases the insulin levels. The alcohol present in beer and other cocktails absorbs moisture from the skin, skin loses elasticity and makes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines more visible.

  • The darker the beer, the higher rates of grains are added in it to prepare the beer

Sipping with straw:

You might be thinking, straw. Yes, with the regular facial movements like drinking with straw, increases fine lines and wrinkles on the face, which shows early sign of aging.

Artificial sweeteners:

Artificial sweeteners supply our body, with calories. By consuming it leads to poor insulin, increases the glucose level more than normal that leads to fat storage. This leads to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and increases the aging process rapidly. These are the toxins, which much be curbed as soon as possible and start the detoxification process now

Flavoured yogurt:

Flavoured yogurt contain sugars, which sugar. Sugar increases the process of skin aging, slows down the production of collagen and decreases skin elasticity

  • Take plain yogurt in the form of salads or raita

Bottom line:

Not only diet, we need to do and follow some exercises and regular drinking of water, which keeps us young.


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