Excellent Benefits Of Drinking Milk With Jaggery – Please Make A Try

Milk with JaggareyMilk with Jaggarey

I have a question on how do you drink milk?

Obviously with sugar right. But do you know milk with jaggery is the nutritious health drink which can be preferred by a kid of 5 year old to an adult of 80 year.

This is the nutritious healthy drink which is preferable by one and all and now gaining momentum by one and all due to its nutritive values.

What does milk consists of ?

Milk is a rich source in protein, calcium, lactic acid, vitamin A and B Which is for bone density, bright skin and hair.

What are the health benefits of Jaggery ?

Jaggery is extracted from sugarcane and contains sucrose and glucose and a rich content of iron, helps to fight anemia, improves digestive system, maintains blood sugar levels and detoxifies and cleans the body.


Reduction Of anemia in pregnant woman :

Pregnant woman always have to take iron tablets and syrups due to anemia. As jaggery contains iron and milk contains calcium, both forms a health drink.

Note : If taken on regular basis anemic problem can be solved easily.

Weight loss :

Many of them who are on diet cannot avoid tea or milk with sugar, and weight loss cannot be controlled due to sugar content. Substitute jaggery with sugar and see the change. Potassium in jaggery and calcium in milk forms a weight loss drink, which is great for weight loss, controls electrolyte and reduces water retention.

Note : The change can be seen easily by taking regularly.

Menstruation pains can be reduced :

Ayurvedic doctors refer milk with jaggery to avoid menstruation pain and stomach cramps. Jaggery has a soothing affect and cools the abdominal temperature. It also avoids the problem of irregular periods.

Reduces stress and Good sleep :

Milk and jaggery together forms an anti-stress agent, which de-stresses and gives a relaxing affect on the brain. No need for any sleeping pills, we can get enough good night sleep in the night, if this health drink is taken.

Note : Take this drink at night before going to bed.

Production of blood cells :

Milk and jaggery is a rich content of iron, which produces and increases the haemoglobin level in the body.

Good for skin :

Jaggery and milk becomes an exfoliate which increases the production of collagen level, which in turn is responsible for glowing skin.It detoxifies, cleans and removes toxins from the body. It purifies blood and in turn removes cleans acne and pimples on the skin. These also contains antioxidant agents which helps from premature aging of skin.

Removes joint pains :

Add a small piece of ginger to the jaggery and hot milk, this becomes a health drink for removing joint pains and gives bone health and also helps in muscle strength.

Helps in muscular building : after a vigorous workout your body needs strength then this is the best drink which gives muscle strength and also relieves from muscle soreness.

Jaggery Benefits:

Jaggery is the one extracted from sugar which contains sucrose and glucose. It detoxifies and removes toxins from the body, improves digestive system and tasty as well.

Promotes blood circulation :

The rich content of iron in jaggery helps to increase blood cells in the body. take jaggery in smaller portions, in order avoid anemia.

Proper digestion :

Do you many of the elderly men take jaggery after meal. why? because it helps in digesting the food easily, thus avoiding the digestion problems like stomach bloating, gastric ulcers,etc., It activates the digestive enzymes, making digestion in proper manner thus preventing constipation.

Gives instant energy :

carbohydrates is responsible for energy in our body. If we take sugar, there will be sudden rise in blood sugar levels, affecting kidneys and eyes badly. jaggery is a complex carbohydrate, which gives instant energy to the body and sustains for a longer period.

Cleans the body :

Jaggery is highly recommended for those who work in factories, on site constructions, heavy polluted areas. Because it cleans the respiratory tracts, lungs and liver, removes all the unwanted particles from the body.

Gets healthy intestines :

With every 10 gms of jaggery,we get 16 mg of magnesium. magnesium is used for intestinal health. Treats diseases : Stomach bloating, migraine, water retention, cold, cough, all can be cured by taking small amount of jaggery.

Nourishes skin :

It treats the skin by removing all the pimples and acne by cleaning the blood and flushing out the toxins from the body.

Maintains body temperature :

Jaggery is a cooling agent, and thus normalises the body temperature and keeps the body cool and stable specially useful for asthma patients.

Included in recipies :

Jaggery is very tasty and is very popularly used in countries like india, pakistan and bangladesh. Jaggery is specially used in many desserts and recipies and for festivals as well.









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