Types, Preacutions And How To Get Rid Off Lice


Did you remember the childhood days, when you are scratching your head filled with lice and your grand ma says, maybe she got one from her friend. Head lice is the one factor, which bothers every mon and daughter too. These are not easy avoided and removed from hair, Rubbing alcohol can be effective against lice.

Head lice are the haed insects found in our head, with six legged and size of sesame seed. These crawl over our head, hair, back and neck, sucking our blood. The eggs of lice are called nits, which sticks to the hair, and itchy too.

How are lice formed?

Lice are formed from one’s head contact to another. It does not jump or fly, but shared hair brush can do the lice find the host. Lice are in black, brown and white in color. Head lice is not the problem of poor and unhygienic, but it is general transformation, which transmits from one person to another.

How to know lice are present?

Lice are the pest, which irritates and itch the scalp. One who is suffering from lice, just scratch and itching the head. Lice are more active during night, and also reason for lack of sleep during nights.

How many types of lice are present?

Lice are found to be 3 types

Head lice:

Head lice are found on the scalp. These travel from head to neck, ears, and sometimes on chest too.

Body lice:

This is often seen in people, who do not take bath regularly. These are seen on clothing, laundry, and often on bedding.

Pubic lice:

These lice are seen on pubic areas, chest hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. These are also known as crabs.

How to get rid off head lice?

. Wash your hair-care:

Soak and wash your hair care like combs, hair bands, brushes in hot water. Wash it at least once in a week.

Never share hair care:

Stop sharing your hair care, with your friends. Stop sharing combs, hair brush and even hats too.

Change beddings often:

One of the main reason, to have contact with lice is through beddings. Change your beddings as often as you can. Soak and wash your clothes in hot water, so as to remove the lice and get less infectant.

Combing with narrow comb:

It is the ancient old Egypt remedy to comb your hair with narrow comb. It takes lot of patience and time, to get rid off head lice. Apply a medicinal shampoo, and then comb, to remove lice

Wet hair combing:

Wet combing is the trick used since from ages. Apply a medicated shampoo and comb on the wet hair. Combing on the wet hair, lice becomes visible and easily distinguishable.

Applying warm oil:

Just apply warm coconut oil to the head and hair. Coconut oil contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which suffocates lice. Leave it at least for half an hour. The lice which are underneath the hair, comes out, making the lice to suffocate. Now comb the hair with thin narrow comb, so that all the lice comes out.

Essential oil treatments:

Essential oil contains toxins, which cannot be directly applied to hair. These has to be mixed with carrier oils. Try out any one of the oils like tea tree oil, olive oil, lavender oil, neem , eucalyptus, peppermint, nutmeg oil, etc.,

Apply any of these oil to the hair, leave it for 10 hrs. Comb with narrow comb and shampoo after removing all the lice

Regular combing: by regular combing your hair with narrow comb, may help you to get rid off lice to greater extent instead of using chemical based products.

Ask your doctor:

Before going for self medication on lice, ask your doctor. Pregnant women and breast feeders are strictly restricted from using it. Children below age of 2 are also avoided the lice medication, as they contain high toxins, which can effect their nervous system.


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