9 Effective Tips To Reduce Weight After Pregnancy At Home Itself

reduce weight after pregnancyreduce weight after pregnancy

Weight gain is the basic nature during and after pregnancy. Some develop weight gain due to cesarean section birth, spending most of the time in baby’s care, not having enough time, etc.,

Its a new beginning in your life with the young ones, but for the things to get normal, it takes time. To get back to our daily normal routine, it takes time, so takes time to lose weight.  Once you deliver baby, you expect to lose 4-6 kg of weight, this weight includes baby’s weight, placenta and amniotic fluid, and excess water.

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Lose weight gradually:

Do not be in a rush to lose weight suddenly, decrease it gradually. Sudden weight loss leads to many problems including baby’s health too. Plan a slow and steady process to lose weight. Consult doctor before going for weight loss, whether your body is ready to accept the change or not

Do not diet:

Do not have the second thought of dieting. Instead of dieting, stick to nutritious diets. As mother’s breast feed, baby’s also needed to have the nutrition and healthy gain weight. If the mothers diet, basically they have to cut their favourites, which leads to depression, this is one of the reasons for postpartum depressions.

  • Switch to low calorie and high nutritious foods.
  • Take 4-5 shorter meals rather than 3 big meals.

Eat healthy:

Instead of diet, concentrate on high super foods.

  • Always have glass of milk and cup of yogurt to serve bone health to mom’s and babies too.
  • Fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna contain DHA, an omega 3 fatty acids source, which provides brain health to babies.
  • Chicken contains protein, fiber and low in fat.

Drink water:

Its the grandma’s logic, not to drink water, as they tend to have cold and flu. But drinking water and staying hydrated, keeps your stomach full, and tend to lose 2 kg in 12 month. Being a breast feed mother, drinking water improves metabolism, which replaces milk production.  

Lack of sleep:

Sleep deprivation is the major part, which every mother has to face. Due to lack of sleep, mothers tend to gain more weight. When there is lack of sleep, your are stressed out and body releases cortisol stressed hormone, which promotes weight gain.

  • Take the help of your family members, to manage baby for some time, to have enough sleep.

Breast feed for weight loss:

There are studies, which have shown that breast feeding has helped in weight loss. About 330 calories are burnt during breastfeeding. Do it whenever the baby needs it. But do not take it as a chance of eating whatever you want.


Pelvic and stomach part are not healed that easily, especially after caesarean section delivery. Going after baby and catching him is the greatest exercise, every mother does. Doctors suggest that, body takes time to heal mentally and physically. Body carries baby for 9 months, delivers with great pain, so body will be at stake to handle the exercises and weight loss.

  • After 6 months start with light exercises like, pelvic floor exercise and light aerobic exercises, without putting pressure on the stomach and pelvic. Go for a light walk but not the jogging part. Exercises embedded with diet gives much result than exercises alone.
  • Go for a walk with your child in push chair in parks, this will really help to lose
  • If you have the C-section, take the doctor’s advise for weight loss program

Dance lightly:

With little dance moves one can lose weight. Put on the music, and have a light dance moves, which helps to lose extra pounds and baby will also enjoy surely.

Start diet after 6 months:



With the advise from your doctors, take a diet chart. When the baby is 6 months old,  they start eating solid foods and milk intake is lesser than before. So a mother does not need to have that calorie intake, and they can reduce the calories to some extent.

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