6 advice to follow before your rhinoplasty in Tunisia.

rhinoplasty in Tunisirhinoplasty in Tunisi

Rhinoplasty is a surgical technique realized in Tunisia, that aims to modify the appearance of the nose, the central element of the face. 

With rhinoplasty, it is therefore possible to reconstruct missing parts of the nose (due to accidents or congenital malformations) or to intervene on the aesthetic level, on non-pathological situations, to make more harmonious and graceful the profile of patients who simply wish to improve from an aesthetic point of view.

To better prepare for it, here are six pieces of information to read and keep in mind before embarking on rhinoplasty in Tunisia.

1. A relationship of trust between the surgeon and the patient

Although, it is difficult to choose a particular plastic surgeon to whom a patient will entrust both their beauty and their health. In order to better make your choice and ensure the success of your nose surgery, it is possible to adopt the following recommendations:

  • Seek advice from a physician, pharmacist, nurse, or another member of the medical community in Tunisia.
  • Consult the official list of specialist practitioners in cosmetic surgery registered with the Council of the Order of Physicians in Tunisia.
  • Having the feeling of confidence in your expectations and fears after having made your choice, that the consultation appointment is made and to find yourself in front of the cosmetic surgeon.

2. Identify your priorities

A fundamental step in the preoperative phase is the creation of a list of priorities, that is, a list of objectives ranked by importance. The patient’s requests, the analysis of the case carried out by the surgeon, the results of instrumental examinations (skull x-rays, computed tomography, video-endoscopy, rhinoscopy) and any consultations with other specialists make it possible to recognize these objectives. 

It is therefore prudent to intervene when a list of priorities has been discussed and shared by both: doctor and patient. The list of priorities also constitutes the easy-to-consult memento that the surgeon takes with him to the operating room with the photographs, the simulation of the aesthetic result, the examinations and the medical file during surgery.

3. Organize your nose surgery well

This project can be planned over several months. Especially when there is no emergency. Therefore, organize everything from start to finish. Choose the ideal time to enter the operating room. For example, avoid having surgery when you are overloaded at the office. You will need someone to take care of your children during your stay at the clinic.

Hospitalization for rhinoplasty lasts 24 hours. Take your time to plan everything to avoid unpleasant surprises.

4. Establish a healthy lifestyle before rhinoplasty

You will have to deprive yourself of some of your habits. Smoking is prohibited before surgery. Smoking should be avoided for 2 months prior to surgery. Male patients should have a properly shaven beard and mustache.

Limit your alcohol consumption, or even eliminate it.

5. Avoid taking the price of rhinoplasty as the only criterion

Rely on several criteria and not only on the price. A cost that is too attractive can hide bad intentions. We know that the price of a rhinoplasty depends on the complexity of the surgical operation. An expensive rate must be justified by the detailed estimate that will be given to you. There is no question of paying a high sum for a failed intervention.

6. Take advantage of the cooling-off period before rhinoplasty

The reflection period is a mandatory passage. It is between the first visit to the surgeon and the surgery. Reflect during this time. Analyze all contours, especially if you want to do cosmetic rhinoplasty in Tunisia.

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