6 Reasons A Buckwheat Pillow Deserves A Spot In Your Wellness Stash

Buckwheat PillowBuckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat Pillow

Your physical and mental wellness isn’t only in diet and regular exercise. Sleep and rest are also essential aspects of your general well-being. According to experts, an adult requires at least eight hours of sleep daily. This is considered enough time to allow your mind and body to rest properly and recharge.

But many issues may prevent you from achieving that sleep target. It could be because of an illness, poor sleeping environment, busy schedule, and many other reasons. Talking of the sleeping environment, your bed and bedding—particularly the pillow—play a vital role in the quality of sleep you get. (1)

This article looks at the six reasons why you need a buckwheat pillow as part of your wellness.

What is a buckwheat pillow?

Buckwheat pillow is originally from Japan but is now available in many other regions. They’re made from buckwheat hulls, which are the outer casing of buckwheat seeds. Although the hulls feel firm, they’re small and, therefore, conform to the shape of your head and neck pressure. This can highly enhance your sleep comfort.

Why buckwheat pillows deserve a spot in your wellness stash

Buckwheat pillows are quite different from traditional pillows and come with several benefits that are said to promote quality sleep. Here are some of those reasons showing you need buckwheat pillows in your sleep:


1.They’re extremely moldable

As mentioned earlier, the filling in buckwheat pillow are actual buckwheat hulls. Naturally, they can move around inside the pillow. This offers better comfort and support to the head and neck as you sleep. The movement ensures you sleep in the correct posture throughout the night, which is essential in aligning your head, neck, and spine. (2)

In addition, you can add as much or remove the hulls to the amount with which you’re comfortable. You don’t get this level of adjustability in traditional pillows, making a buckwheat travel pillow a perfect travel companion. You can adjust them for your neck or lumbar support as you travel and as an ordinary pillow when camping.

2.They help you avoid aches and pains

Using an uncomfortable pillow causes your neck muscles to stretch beyond how they need to when you sleep. This may lead to pain in your thoracic, lumbar, and cervical spine due to poor body alignment. When this happens, your body starts adapting to unnatural postures, which may lead to increased fatigue and body aches when rising from the bed.  (3)

Buckwheat pillows have the opposite effect because of how they’re made, as this video will show you:

Since the hulls aren’t bulky, your neck retains its proper posture. This causes the neck muscles and the rest of the system connected to the neck to have excellent support. This helps you to avoid neck tensions and aches and pains that accompany a poor sleeping posture. 

3.They’re good for temperature control

A cool sleeping environment helps you sleep sounder. Having a cool bedding helps that aspect in a major way. Buckwheat hulls don’t absorb heat, and this is another reason to give them a spot on your bed or in your travel essentials. That means you’ll sleep at a comfortable temperature for the whole duration of your sleep.

Hulls aren’t a single mass but are small individual elements that allow air to circulate in the pillow. This makes your pillow not to trap moisture, keeping it dry. A buckwheat pillow will rarely cause you to break a sweat as it regulates temperature, allowing your body to cool down when you sleep. (2)

4.They repel dust mites

Some pillow materials such as latex and flame-retardant polyurethane can trigger allergic reactions and skin irritations. Bearing in mind that a pillow is something you use in close contact for hours every day, it’s only ideal to get one made from natural and safe materials. Pillows made from organic material smell natural and don’t attract bugs and insects.

Typically, dust mites thrive in beddings such as pillows because of the moisture and human skin. Pillows made from buckwheat allow air to circulate properly and don’t trap moisture within them, making the conditions unfavorable for dust mites. When combined with silk pillowcases, you can welcome an even more comfortable pillow. (2)

The reason for this is their ability to provide gentle pressure to specific points in your neck and head. The pressure points in your neck and head can also help you relax, causing blood to flow properly.

5.They may help relieve migraines

A migraine is among the reasons most people find it difficult to find sound sleep. And poor sleep quality is a trigger for migraines. It’s quite tricky finding sleep when your head is throbbing. If you’re one of those people who struggle with migraines now and then, a buckwheat pillow might be your saving grace. But first, it’s advisable to get to the root cause of your migraines.

Some of the known causes of migraines include spinal misalignment, strong smells, soft tissue strain, and many others. Having good pillow support has been shown to be one of the ways to relieve migraines. Buckwheat pillows make among the most preferred pillows for migraines due to comfort and the ability to align your body correctly while you sleep. (4)

6.They’re quite durable

If you’re tired of changing your pillow every few years, you have another reason to go for buckwheat pillows. They can last a lifetime—well, almost. If you take care of it properly, it can keep you company for up to 20 years. The buckwheat hulls are sturdy, which means they can take many years to break down.

After they break down, replacing them is simple. This makes the pillows not only durable but also a convenient alternative. In the long run, they can save you significantly since you don’t need to change them regularly.


Pillows help you feel more comfortable in your sleep. But one thing you may fail to realize is that your pillow could be doing you more harm than good. It can be the difference between a good night’s rest and waking up with aches and pains in various areas of your body. If you’re looking to get good sleep or comfort when traveling, you need to consider getting yourself buckwheat pillows.


Hopefully, the reasons in this post are enough to make you consider getting a buckwheat pillow for your bedroom or travels. It may surprise you how much your sleep and travel will improve.


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