Very Simple Steps of Indian Bridal Makeup – Try at Home

Bridal MakeupBridal Makeup

How to do bridal makeup at home

Every girl’s dream is to look beautiful, special and attractive on her wedding day. But not all of us can spend thousands of bucks to the saloon and afford a bridal make up package.

If we does not go to saloon can’t we look beautiful? wait we can. Its all in our hands. A little and extra care for our skin and looks that’s enough, the perfect bride is ready.

Do the research :

Firstly make the research, of what type of look you want to follow. The dress color, jewellery, accessories, from bindi to nail polish, everything must be decided first. Just see online tutorials and have a knowledge about the make up looks. As you are doing make up on your own, first make the patch test of all the products right from foundation to lipstick to concealer. Choose foundations, lipsticks according to your skin tone,so that you don’t get messed up on wedding day

Do a make up trial :

Just before 2 weeks before the wedding, take a make up trial. Take photos and check yourself whether you are ready and 100% successful.

Take care of your skin :

After the trial is over its now time for taking care of your skin. Moisturize your skin daily. Your skin and lips needs to be hydrated daily. Use proper lotions in the night and sunscreens in the morning. Opt for a exfoliating cleanser, which are not at all harsh.

Why moisturize skin ?

Because as the D-day is getting closer, you skin will become dull, rough and flaky. Tons of makeup has to applied which looks awkward when camera light spots on your face. Go for a proper cleanser, because at the end of the day we need a beautiful natural looking skin.

Primer is the first step :

After you skin gets hydrated, moisturized, the first step to get started is applying primer. Apply primer all over the face including wrinkles, fine lines, under eyes,lip sides, nose sides. Primer is the one thing which sets the makeup and its long lasting till the end of the day. Take a few minutes break and let the concealer dry. Always give a break for each step so that it gets settle down.

Oil free foundation :

Always opt for oil free foundation. take a light foundation with foundation brush and apply all over the face from face to neck.

Start it from the middle of the face and then to the edges so that all the fine lines are covered.

Pat the concealer :

Concealers hide blemishes and dark circles under the eye. opt for a yellow concealers that are lighter than skin tone because the dark concealers, showcases white lines under the eyes and looks ghostly in wedding pictures. Take a concealer brush put a dot under your eyes.

Then pat the brush against your skin to spread the concealer.

If the belmish doesnot hide enough, then put the foundation and again apply concealer If the under eye doesnot blend, then take a makeup sponge, dip it in water, and apply concealer in outward strokes.

Shape your face and highlight :


Start shaping your face with brown matte shade, so that the hollow cheeks are clearly seen.

  • Take a shimmery cream highlighter.
  • Apply it with fan brush across and top of the cheek bones, down the middle of the nose,
  • over the eye brow bone.
  • Start using highlighter from the inner eye slightly angled toward nostrils.

Contour your face :

Set your base with powder.

  • Take a medium sized blush to dust on forehead, chin and sides of chin
  • Take a powder bronzer and apply strokes, starting at your hair line, under cheek bone,
  • side of the face, below jaw line, near to the ear, suck your cheeks in and use some bronzer

Before going for photo shoot take a quick dab of powder so that it can shine and looks perfect

Blush,blush and blush :

Go lightly for blushing.

  • Apply blush on the cheeks and blend upwards and towards hairline.
  • Do not brush on nose as no one wants pink nose.
  • Just a light dab on cheek bones.

Eye shadows and eye liners :

Go for grey, brown and green eyeliners, apply it at top and bottom of eye lids. powder highlighter applied at the corners of eyes and under brows. Its preferable to go for black kajal on the lower eyelid and eyeliner, till the outer corner, obviously water proof.

Mascaras :


Its your wedding day, there will be more tears of joy. Do not disturb your mascara’s with your crying.

  • Get volumizing mascara and eyelash curler.
  • Curl your lashes with good eye lash curler.
  • Start from the root apply black mascara wiggling up from side to side to the top.
  • Just dab a brow powder darker than natural skin tone.

Lipstick the final touch :

  • Just like our skin needs moists, lips also needs to be hydrated. Use a lip hydrator and let it be for 2 mins.
  • wear a lipstick that suits your skin tone, whole bridal look especially dark colours like dark red.
  • If first you use lip liner, then go for a natural lip liner fill in the color and adjust accordingly at the edges of the lips.
  • light pink lipstick for thin lips.
  • maroon or dark red lipstick for plump lips.

At last : Take all the necessary accessories like purse, shoes, etc., wear beautiful jewellery and beauty to the beautiful bride.

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