Beginners Guide To Learn Simple Eye Makeup Stepwise


Eyes are the soul of your face. It reflects beauty. Only doing face makeup is not enough, your eyes are to be moulded enough. Eye make up is not every one cup of tea.

We need some tricks and tips for eye makeup.

  • Many of them usually only does eye liner and mascara, but does not apply concealer and primer, that’s the basic mistake every one does.

Learn the basic eye make up, which suits every party, every function or every day. Yes, you heard it right, everyday light. Make up helps while going to office, or visiting a temple or church.

Note : Before you go for eye makeup, select the highlighters according to your skin type.

What you need ?

  • Concealer.
  • Highlighter – lighter tah skin color.
  • Matte- mid-tone shade.
  • Contour shade- 3 shades darker than skin.
  • Matte – black shade.
  • Small flat eyeshadow brush.
  • Small and medium-sized blending brush.
  • Smudger.

Step :1 : Concealers :

  • To get that extra look to the eyes, you have to start with concealers.
  • Apply 3 dots of concealers on the dark circles, under pupil and outer edge of eye.
  • Pat with finger tips, around eye area, so that your eyes goes with your skin.

Step :2 : The primer :

  • Primer does the eye shadows to stay longer.
  • This will not let out the oils from creasing on the eye shadows and gives a smooth look and skin.
  • Use primers as foundation on all over the eyes with your little finger and apply little bit of powder with brush, as it will be long lasting and stick to the base.

Step :3 : Highlighter :

  • Next step is highlighter.
  • Choose highlighter which is lighter than your skin tone.
  • Now take a brush and swipe on it, and tap gently, so that extra powder is wiped off
  • Start applying from inner corner of the eye, moving to the middle, till the whole eye shadow is covered.

Tip :

Dip the tip of the brush in the water, gently wipe off on the hand. Again take some highlighter and apply on the edges of the arcs of eyes, this will give eyes a new whole and glittery look.

Step :4 : Applying eye shadow :


  • Eye shadows makes your eyes big, gives dimension and adds beauty to the face.
  • Take a puffy blendy brush and start applying eye shadow with the same brush or different brush.
  • with the mid-tone shade, start applying above the crease, blending from outer corner of the eyes in circular motion, completing the whole make up look.

Step :5 : Contour eyes :

  • Contour your eyes, is done for small eyes or to enhance natural eye makeup.
  • Use matte eye shadow
  • Start applying with medium to darker shades to the center to the outer eye
  • The corners has to be highlighted with lighter shades.

Step :6 : Bottom of the eyes :

Now that the upper eye part shades are complete,

  • start with lower part
  • Take contour shade and mid tone color
  • Apply this on the bottom lash line, starting from inner corner.

Note : The lower lash line shade must match highlighter shade.

Step :7: Apply kajal:

  • Applying kajal on the lower eye lids with kajal pencil.
  • This will make your eyes big and bright.

Step 8 : Apply eye liner :

  • For beginners it is quite tricky, to apply.
  • Firstly you need to have some practice. start doing on a paper, until you get perfectly right.
  • Direct usage of eye liner is also not wise in using.
  • Start with kohl kajal, as it looks exactly like eye liner, which is smudge proof.
  • Try to apply on the natural eye line, as it will look natural, this process is called tight lining.
  • Make dots from inner corner to the outer line of the eyes, start applying from the inner corner of the upper lash line till the end.
  • This gives you a natural look and complete shape to the eyes.

Step :9 :Curl your lashes:

Your eye lashes has to be shaped, curled and twisted.

  • Curl eye lashes, with eye lash curler
  • hold eye curler at the base and rotate it upwards.
  • This will bring back the perfect shape.

Step 10 : The finishing touch mascara :

Mascara is the final step in eye make up. A little touch and your eye make up is complete.

  • Start from the root till the edges of the eye lashes.
  • Take the mascara, wipe off the extra mascara,and apply on the eye lashes with single coating.

Note :

  • If you have light eye lashes, then apply two coats of mascara.
  • This will complete the eye make up
  • Wait for 10 seconds in between coats.
  • Always go for smudge proof and water proof mascara.

Few quick tips on eye-make up:

  • Before going for eye makeup choose the right product and shades.
  • Think twice while choosing.
  • Consult specialist or beautician for right shades.
  • Before going for final make up do the trials on manequine, so that you are to the point.
  • Clean your eye shadow and eye lids properly.
  • Clean your brush twice before you use.
  • Eye brows are in well shape and goes well with eye makeup.
  • Use bloating papers instead of cloth or fingers, to remove the excess makeup.

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