A Guide to Korean Skincare for Dry Skin

Dry SkinDry Skin

Did you know that Korean skincare routines are some of the most effective ways to hydrate because they do so from within? 

The active ingredients found in serums, essences, and moisturizers help nourish skin cells. As more studies come out about the damages of other products, people are being drawn to this effective anti-aging treatment. Learning about Korean skincare for dry skin routines can help you adapt your treatments and see results.

Take a look below to discover each step for Korean dry skin treatments! 

Step 1: Face Your Wash

Dry Skin

One of the first places to start is washing your face, by removing makeup and debris. 

Gentle soaps aren’t always powerful enough to remove mascara and eyeliner. A cleansing oil is recommended if you’re wearing makeup and want to fall asleep with a clean face. After you remove your makeup, a cleanser can enter your pores more effectively. 

Gel and foaming cleansers tend to be the best for people with dry skin. These cleansers are gentle enough to prevent damage. Avoid using an exfoliating face wash every day, since it can dry skin cells. 

Cheap washes, or using body products on your face, can dry out your skin even more. Since your face wash can improve or cause damage to your pores, you want to have the best skincare.

Step 2: Apply Toner

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of toner?

Advertisements are posted everywhere, but many people overlook its impact and neglect to apply it. Toners help balance pH levels so your pores are healthy and nourished. Apply your toner at night so there’s enough time for your skin to adjust and pH levels can balance. 

Using toner will help make your skin appear plump and soft. You will notice results in the mirror and each time you touch your face. 

Step 3: Use Essence

Unless you’re familiar with the Korean skincare routine, you may not know what essence does.

Essence is a product in between a serum and toner. It’s not as light as toner, but it also has a smaller concentration of ingredients when compared to serum. Essence can be used daily, adding frequent hydration to the face. 

Step 4: Rub Ampoule on Your Face

Many people confuse ampoule with serum, but they are separate items in the Korean skincare industry. 

Ampoule is similar to a serum, but it has a much higher concentration of active ingredients. After a couple of uses, people have seen hydrating results that make their skin appear younger and nourished. 

Ampoules typically target signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, but they do so with hydrating effects. Depending on which product you get, you can use them twice a day, but they don’t need to be applied regularly for a long period. 

If you want to focus on signs of dry skin, make sure your ampoule comes with hyaluronic acid. Sensitive skin can be a side effect of this product, but if you increase the gap between applications, discomfort should go away. 

Step 5: Put on Serums

Serums are great for nourishing sensitive skin, they’re packed with minerals and vitamins, which help revive skin cells. 

You should apply serum to specific areas, but it can also be used on the entire face. Don’t forget about your neck, as this location is commonly missed. The Korean skincare routine emphasizes neck application since the skin shows signs of aging. 

Many people recommend using sheet masks after serum application. While your pores are clean and hydrated, they can absorb essential oils more efficiently. There are plenty of sheet mask styles, so you can get them for hydration or other issues like acne. 

Step 6: Moisturize Your Eyes

Eye cream can do a lot to make you look younger, not only does it reduce wrinkles, but it can even out your skin tone. 

The skin around your eyes is some of the most sensitive skin on your body. If you have skin allergies and reactions, be mindful of the ingredients used in your eye creams. With the right product, you should have refreshed-looking eyes that aren’t red and puffy. 

The great thing about eye creams is that they often incorporate ingredients to combat inflammation. Nourishing the skin will help prevent this problem from reappearing and make you look years younger. 

Step 7: Hydrate Your Face

It may seem like you’ve hydrated your face enough with other skincare products, but this is still a critical step. 

The Korean skincare for dry skin routine is recommended for evenings, but you can do it whenever works best for your schedule. If you apply a night moisturizer, you can absorb the benefits without having to stress about scheduling your routine. 

Dry skin treatments can vary, and depending on your skin type, you may worsen the problem. Look for a lightweight moisturizer, as creams can be too thick and develop acne issues. Pay attention to your skin each morning to ensure you have the proper moisturizer. 

Step 8: Protect Yourself From The Sun

Skincare products come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them don’t include sun-protection ingredients.

Applying SPF to your face before you head outside can protect you from UV rays and even pollution. With an extra layer of protection, you can confidently walk outside, knowing that your skin won’t dry under the light. 

The Korean community is known for looking younger than their actual age. Sunbathing might be relaxing, but it’s the biggest reason for dry skin. If you struggle to apply SPF, place a container in your purse or near your keys to act as a reminder. 

Absorb the Benefits of Korean Skincare for Dry Skin Treatments

Many people are seeing fact results with Korean skincare for dry skin treatments. 

Implementing some of their strategies can help you revive your skin, without creating other problems. You can reduce discoloration, wrinkles, and acne if you can balance pH levels and protect each cell. 

If you want to learn more about the signs of dry skin and hydration techniques, check out our site for the latest content!

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