How to Make Structured Water?

Structured WaterStructured Water

So you’ve been reading about structured water and how structured water has these amazing, never-seen-before water properties that benefit us and the environment around us!  And now you want to learn how you can make structured water. 

There’s a lot of information that surrounds structured water. Though it is often used as a buzzword, structured water truly has astonishing benefits that are backed up by research. These capabilities bring great health benefits to us but also our homes, businesses, and of course, the environment around us. 

Today, we’ll take you on a journey of understanding how to make structured water, but that’s not all. We’ll dive into all the ins and outs and the smallest details to then come to a full understanding of what makes structured water so beneficial and how you can get this water in your own home. 

What is considered structured water?

Let’s first start by understanding what structured water actually is and what makes it so unique. Structured water is a type of water that is most often found in nature, in the cleanest and most raw natural water reserves – such as mountain springs. Now, structured water, also popularly dubbed vortex water, gets its name from its unique inner molecular form. 

No, the water’s inner chemical makeup is not different from the usual H₂O we know it as, but what is different is its micro-clustered molecular shape! This water has micro-clustered molecules placed in a hexagonal shape, inevitably giving the water its astonishing capabilities. 

If this water has such capabilities and can be found in nature, why can this water be found there but not in our homes? The answer to that lies firstly in where the structured water actually gets its structure from – its distinct flow and movement. Yes, the inner micro-clustered molecular arrangement is formed once the water goes through the constant movement, rotation, and free flow in nature. 

We know the unique form of structured water, but how can we actually figure out which is structured and which is not?  

How do you know if water is structured?

There are many ways to know if the water you are receiving is structured water, and in most cases, unless the water is treated as we receive it in our homes, then it is not. What makes structured water different from the regular water we get in our homes is that it is not hard water, which is the type of water most of us receive in our homes. 

Hard water is provided in the majority of the countries worldwide and contains high levels of hard minerals and chlorine. Municipalities use harsh chemical additives such as chlorine and extra processes of unnatural water treatments in order to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. Mass water treatment is essential for municipalities to prevent health troubles for their citizens, but a lot of the time, the hard water is not as pleasant to consume. 

The high levels of hard minerals and chlorine leave behind trails that make it obviously different from structured water. For instance, the excess chlorine in your water may have a foul taste or smell, this is often offputting and quite obvious. Similarly, when showering, the chlorine may dry out your skin and hair, leaving behind dullness and, in cases of skin sensitivity – irritation. 

Likewise, excess minerals in the water mean mineral build-up around the sink, shower heads, toilets, and at all water supply sources. You can often distinguish these as brown circles or milky residue around your water sources. 

Unstructured water may also have imbalanced pH levels, which often lead to limescale as well as corrosion at water sources around your homes. In cases of stomach sensitivities, askew pH levels can cause metabolic issues and nausea, among other gut problems. 

Structured water distinguishes itself from these issues as it continuously has properties that prevent all these problems at hand. 

Can distilled water be structured?

No, it most definitely cannot. What discerns structured water from many is that it is fully safe from harmful contaminants while simultaneously not stripping itself fully from the essential minerals. This way, it can keep our bodies safe and nutrient-dense at the same time. 

Distilled water, on the other hand, is the total opposite, it is stripped of all of the good and the bad. Though it might not contain any toxic contaminants, it doesn’t contain all the essential minerals needed for our bodies. Most of the time, distilled water is not recommended as the choice of water for long-term use. 

Though distillation is effective and, in some cases, necessary, it is not the optimal choice for our bodies and definitely is not structured water. Structured water adds all the essential minerals and ensures our bodies stay adequately nutrient dense. But just how good is structured water for our health? Let’s find out. 

Is structured water good for your health?

We have heard all about how structured water is this good, does that, and can help you with such and such, but we are here to distinctly tell you about the exact benefits it can have on your health. 

Numerous studies have found that there are core abilities that structured water provides us with that inevitably affect our health positively. Continuous self-cleaning, balanced pH levels and increased dissolved oxygen levels are just some of the most outstanding properties. These properties then translate into great health benefits for our health, such as: 

  • Improved growth rate
  • Better blood sugar and insulin response
  • Lower oxidative stress
  • Reduced body fat mass
  • Decreased stress levels

Yet these benefits are not the end of the story. Structured water can offer us more than just an improvement to the inner self, but to the environment around us too. 

Benefits Of Structured Water

Though structured water can bring amazing benefits to our health, it is not the only thing it has the ability to do. Vortex water can bring much more to the table, and here are some of the most notable benefits you can reap:  

Skin & Hair

With the combination of all the properties of structured water, as listed above, you can see the benefits and improvement in your internal bodily functions. But that’s not all! You will feel softer, hydrated, and shinier skin and hair. No more irritation and dryness. This is especially the case and most helpful for those who struggle with skin and scalp troubles such as eczema or rosacea. The excessive chlorine and minerals take a toll on our skin, making it more prone to further agitation and redness. Structured water prevents such troubles and instead helps keep your skin plump and hydrated.  

No More Bacteria

One of the greatest properties structured water has is its ability to self-clean itself constantly. Not only does it remove all the toxic and harmful contaminants, but it also continues to do so, rendering it more robust against all pathogens. One of the most prominent effects of this is, of course, the betterment of our health, but that’s not all! As the bacteria will be eradicated before it has the chance to grow, this then prevents all the foul scents in rugs and washcloths.    

Better Hydration

The unique hexagonal micro-clustered molecular form enables the water to seep further and deeper into our cells, leading to better hydration. The water is softer and lighter while simultaneously hydrating much more intensely, allowing our cells to work more effectively, performing at their peak. This way, you won’t have to drink copious amounts of water to stay adequately hydrated. No more bloating and no more feeling of heaviness after drinking water! 

Balanced pH Levels

Imbalance in water’s pH levels might not seem like big trouble, but it most definitely is. Not only can the high levels of acidity or alkalinity cause algae and limescale around our homes and gardens, but it can also lead to bodily troubles too. Yes, corrosion, limescale, and staining are some of the troubles of off-balanced pH levels, but more trouble arises in the disruption of the metabolic state. This can cause issues to our gut health, possibly causing nausea. Structured water, on the other hand, prevents this! With a constant pH flow of 6.8 to 7.2. You won’t have to stress about imbalanced pH levels. 

Decreased Home Maintenance

High chlorine levels, off-balanced pH levels, and excess minerals are a formula for disaster for your home! Corrosion, stains, mineral build-up, limescale, and algae are just some of the troubles your home may find itself in. This can be hard to look at, horrible to smell, and quite expensive to upkeep. Structured water prevents all these headaches by keeping your home unsoiled and in pristine condition, preventing you from tiring chores and excess costs. 

Improved Environment

Structured water has been proven to have increased dissolved oxygen levels, and this is an integral part of keeping our environment and our aquatic biota healthy. One of the types of water we rarely think about is wastewater, but this is what dictates our environment around us. Structured water does this and more! Not only helping nature but the aquatic life and the biota as well. 

How To Make Structured Water?

Now let’s discuss how you can make structured water and how exactly you can get this structured water at home!

As mentioned above, such water already flows freely out in nature, but the trouble begins when this water is taken from its natural habitat to then pushed through invasive treatments. The intense water treatments, chemical additives, and the stillness caused by the pumping through pipes, yet loss of natural movement destroys the inner structure. Vortex treatment works with a double spiral flow to recreate and imitate the natural flow movement of water, pretending it is streaming freely in nature. This distinct treatment restores its structure and all of the benefits. 

One of the most popular and highly coveted vortex water treatments is The Vortex Water Revitalizer™! A water system that cares not only about the customers but the water and the environment as well. The belief of the company is to help create a positive impact on the environment, one water treatment system at a time. 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ offers great benefits on top of all those provided by the filter! It is super easy to install, easy to upkeep, and won’t require further maintenance. You can find all types of models fitting the exact needs of your kitchen, bathroom, garden, or business!

What are you waiting for? Find the perfect Vortex Revitalizer over on the page! Structured water has never been easier. 

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