How to Know Your Male Partner Needs Mental Health Care

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Mental Health Care

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In recent years, talking about mental health has become more and more acceptable. However, for many men, talking about and prioritizing mental health care is still taboo. Some men feel as though they will be perceived as weak if they seek out therapy or medication management. But, as their partner, you may be able to encourage him to get help. In this article, you will see some symptoms that may point to him needing mental health care.

What to Look for to See if Your Partner Needs Mental Health Care

You may notice your partner is acting differently. At the end of the day, if you know your partner is dealing with something, you may want to discuss therapy. There are a variety of reputable options out there. For example, psychedelic therapy clinics help patients experiencing depression, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more.

He Hasn’t Been as Energetic

Has your partner been depleted of energy in the past few weeks? Energy loss is a very common symptom of most mental health issues. In particular, this is a symptom of depression. According to Madeleine Burry with Insider, depression likely causes fatigue because of a lack of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Not to mention, chronic sadness can often display as tiredness or a lack of energy. So, if your partner has been sleeping more often or has low energy when he’s awake, he may be dealing with some type of mental health issue.

He Can’t Sleep

On the other hand, a lack of sleep could be an indicator that he is suffering from anxiety or insomnia. Both of these conditions can have a large impact on his mental health. If he is tossing and turning in bed, he could be dealing with racing thoughts. It’s important to realize that anxiety can show up seemingly out of nowhere. So, even if nothing in particular has happened in your partner’s life, he still may be experiencing anxiety. Thankfully, anxiety is one of the most studied mental health concerns and it is highly treatable.

He’s Moody or Emotional

There are periods in which someone may feel moody or emotional due to stress or circumstances. However, if your partner has been moody and deeply emotional for several weeks, it may be time to discuss it with him. This could be a sign of a mental health concern. There are many mental health disorders that can cause someone to be moody, as they can be very stressful. In this situation, it’s best that he talks to a licensed therapist to see what the underlying issue may be.

He’s Distant

If your partner gives you short answers and doesn’t seem to have an interest in you, try not to take it personally. When people are dealing with a mental health crisis, they often distance themselves from whoever they are closest to. It’s best to have an open discussion with him without being accusatory or demanding. He may be dealing with something internally, so he is coming across as distant.

Does Your Partner Need Help?

After reading this article, if you feel like your partner may need help, encourage him to speak to a counselor. There are many options for mental health care, whether it be seeing a local licensed therapist or chatting with one online. Whatever he chooses, be there to support him.

Also, keep in mind that he may need some time before he decides to go. Be patient and supportive rather than pushy. Ensure you are a safe space for him to talk about his feelings so he doesn’t shut down. Once he is ready, continue to be there for him. Simple acts of support could be all he needs to seek out mental health care.

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