How to Burn More Calories with Resistance bands Exercises.

Burn More CaloriesBurn More Calories

Losing weight is not easy because it requires determination and patience and fitness training, and calorie control. It can become quite frustrating when your weight gets stuck! What to do? It isn’t comforting because you are already doing intense cardio. Well, it’s time to start resistance training to step up your muscle game.

Resistance training helps you lose weight and strengthen your body by increasing muscle mass and reducing cellular fat. However, resistance training sounds a bit intimidating to most people. You may feel weight training is not for regular folks and exists for experts only, and that’s alright! It is common to feel this way, but your stance will change when you meet resistance bands!

These bands are a great alternative to weights. They are compact, convenient, and harmless. You can strengthen your body and start a process of long-term weight loss with just a band. They are a must-have gym accessory for all the right reasons.

What Are Resistance Training Bands?

A Resistance training band is just what the name suggests. It’s a stretchable band, made from rubber or latex or a mix of iron both. The tensile force of the bands offers perfect resistance to your muscles. Your muscles are forced to come into action and burn fat as they apply force to stretch the bands.These bands are simple and compact; you can take them anywhere you want. Many gym tools are used to add resistance for stronger muscles. The resistance bands’ specialty is their ability to provide resistance without putting pressure on joints.

These bands are perfect for maximizing strength and endurance simultaneously. These bands come with multiple levels of resistance force. The levels are color coded and that makes it easy to judge how much force is being applied or needed for a particular exercise.

Does Resistance Training Burn More Calories?

The general idea is that aerobics and cardiovascular exercises are perfect if you are trying to burn calories faster, and it is true! However, the process of calorie burning stops when you finish exercising, and there is no guarantee that you will maintain that fat loss when you are not working out.

Now, with resistance training, you burn calories during as well as after training. The process of calorie burning goes on long after you have stopped. This is because resistance exercises engage muscles intensely. When the workout stops, the body still burns calories (fat and carbs) to help it reach the pre-workout state. This means you are burning calories for several hours post-workout. This is the famous After-burn effect.

Resistance training increases the body’s RMR– resting metabolic rate by increasing muscle mass. Muscle needs more energy as fuel, and that energy comes from burning fat and carbs in the body. When you have more muscle, you will burn more calories even when not working out actively.  This is an amazing feature of strength training- it leads to long-term fat reduction.

In short, weight or resistance training strengthens your muscles, increases muscle mass, and starts processes in the body that enable long-term fat loss and weight reduction even at rest position.

Benefits Of Resistance Training

Resistance training or weight training surely do your muscles multiple favors. However, the list of its advantages does not end here. Your entire body has a lot to gain from strength training. From the brain to the bones, there is something for every part of the body. Research confirms the fact that strength training indeed does wonders for your body.

Some of the benefits are described below.

Improves Focus

Cognitive well-being is one of the best things that happens when you start resistance training. You can feel a burst of confidence, happy feelings, and improved focus with a simple addition of resistance to your training. It is because of the release of the hormone IGF-1. This hormone builds new connections in the brain, which means your cognitive ability keeps improving as you add more weight to your workout.

Decreases Anxiety

Anxiety can severely affect you physically. The headaches, increased heart rate, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc., can take a toll on your body. It disrupts the normal functioning of the body and mind and therefore is quite crippling. However, the great news is that strength training can successfully fight against anxiety, and you can beat it instantly. One session and you already start to feel better.

Reduces Depressive Symptoms

Depression can suck the life out of a seemingly cheerful fellow without even being too noticeable. It is downright destructive and might seem complicated, but you can kick it out with regular exercise. As lethal as depression may seem, it’s just a gym away!

It’s all about hormones in the end! The happy hormones that are released during exercise help you feel better, happier, and more situated.

Increases Muscle Mass

Lean muscle is lost at a higher speed after you hit the 30s, and the rate is even higher in inactive adults. Muscle decay can lead to so many debilitating health conditions. Weight training activates your muscles by putting them against a formidable force that strengthens the muscles, increases muscle mass, muscle to fat ratio in the body, and muscle density. Resistance training is good for muscles at so many levels.

Increases Walking Speed

Resistance exercises that are aimed at full body muscles strengthen every little bit of your body. The glutes and quads are activated during weight training, and you feel more power in your legs. There is overwhelming research that supports the idea that you can walk faster when you weight train.

This is one reason why athletes, runners, and sportspeople always use strength training for optimum performance.

Resistance Training  Exercises

1: Wall Lateral Pulldown.

With this simple but effective resistance movement, you can target your lats ( arms muscles that connect your arms with your spine) and upper arms.

  • Stand against a wall; arms fully stretched with resistance band between your hands or wrists
  • Now bring your arms down at 90 degrees
  • You have to stretch the band as you move your arms from the starting point to 90 degrees
  • This is one rep

2: Triceps Extension.

This is a specific triceps exercise, as the name suggests.

  • Hold the resistance band in your hand with your arm bent at the elbow
  • Cross the other arm over the head to hold the other end of the band
  • Start to stretch the band with the hand that is going over the head
  • Stretch moving parallel to head: do not move away from it
  • Stretch as much as you comfortably can and return to the starting position

3: Bicep Curl.

We are targeting our biceps in this simple exercise

  • Sit on a bench that is a little low, while your thighs are at 90 degrees to the ground
  • Wear the band on your thigh so that it’s tucked under-thigh at one end
  • Grab the other end with the same side hand as thigh
  • Stretch until your fist is parallel to your shoulder
  • Release and let it return to the starting position
  • Repeat desired reps on one side before moving to the other

4: Shoulder External Rotation.

The upper back and shoulders are the targeted muscles in this move

  • Place a band between your forearms, wrist to wrist
  • Stretch your arms in front of your body, keeping them close
  • Stretch the band as much as comfortable
  • Return to starting position and repeat

5: Modified Side Plank Leg Lifts.

Target your abs, glutes, and obliques with this exercise. Add resistance with a band.

  • Take a right side plank position on the floor; the right leg is bent at 90 degrees while the left leg is straight
  • Your upper body is raised on your elbow
  • The band is on the outer side, placed just above the knees
  • Stretch upwards with the straight leg
  • Bring it back to starting position to complete a rep

6: Squat With Side Raise.

This exercise will help your glutes and thighs come to action

  • Stand in a wide stance with the band on your thighs just above the knees
  • Perform a classic squat first and stand up
  • Shift your weight on one foot while raising the other leg to stretch the band
  • Both moves have to be done in a row to complete one rep

Resistance training bands come with multiple benefits at a very low cost. So compact that a band will fit into a small bag and still challenge heavyweights in efficacy. These training bands are a great way to add variety to your workout routine.

DMOOSE resistance Loop bands  are easy and safe to use. You can effectively build and tone your abdominal muscles, the entire upper body, step up core strength and effectively engage lower body muscles with the resistance bands. They are completely safe to use and add a bit of color and fun to your workout.

The resistance band is a great tool for those who travel around a lot. It is very suitable equipment for those recovering from an injury and who need regular muscle therapy. It is perfect for everyone at any stage of fitness training.

So tone down and build muscles for sustained fat and weight loss with the easy-to-use resistance  bands.

Final Thoughts

Resistance training is a great way to strengthen your core and muscles. It helps with sustained and long-term weight loss and offers a variety of other benefits that cannot be ignored. Resistance training bands are perfect for performing strength exercises because of their compact size, simple mechanism, and the ability to provide various resistance levels.

They are travel-friendly, safe to use, and quite affordable. In short, resistance bands are must-have gym accessories.

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