Can You Have Herpes with HIV? [STD Guide]

Herpes with HIVHerpes with HIV

Herpes with HIV

It is one of the common queries can you have sex with HIV positive diagnosis? The first thing that you need to know is to stay positive, and you can live your everyday life. If you don’t have visible symptoms, you can even have unprotected sex with your partner. This is because it reduces the chances of the transmission rate. However, many herpes-positive persons don’t have any symptoms, and they are living a normal life. 

You need to take significant steps to protect yourself and your partner to living a safe life depending on several things. One of the essential things is to take regular treatment for your herpes infection. Antiviral medication is the only medicine you can take according to your doctor’s advice for controlling herpes symptoms. 

So it is clear that you can have sex if you have an HIV-positive diagnosis. Here are some protective measures you need to take to protect yourself and your partner from the further spread of infection. 

Ways to have sex with HIV positive diagnosis

Protection is key to having sex with an HIV-positive diagnosis. However, if you don’t have visible symptoms, as many herpes-positive persons don’t have visible symptoms, then you can enjoy unprotected sex. Very similar to another STD – herpes, free Herpes support groups help very much just as free HIV support groups do.


ART is also known as antiretroviral therapy. It includes medications that help to stop the herpes infection from damaging the immune system. When you have strong immunity, then you can fight infection and control frequent outbreaks. ART medication will lower the amount of herpes virus in your body, but it takes up to 6 months to lower the infection severity. So ART medications take months to lower the HIV infection amount in your body. Moreover, when you are on ART medication, most tests fail to find the HIV in your blood, and doctors call it the undetectable viral load in the body. So it means that you can infect your partner with HIV during sex. 

Keep in mind that if you are on ART medication, you must have a blood test every three to four months to detect the viral load.

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Get PrEP and PEP

PrEP is a famous prevention drug that helps to stop HIV from your body to your partner. Pre-exposure prophylaxis holds the spread of HIV in your body. Remember that you can take this medication when you don’t have HIV but are at a high risk of getting infected with your partner. 

Ensure to take the PrEP and PEP according to healthcare provider instructions. Moreover, PEP is the post-exposure prophylaxis and other forms of ART. You can take it recently when you are going to have sex with your HIV-positive partner. So ensure to take the PEP as soon as possible, within 72 hours of sex with your HIV-positive partner. 

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Use Condoms

Condoms are a common way to have protected sex when you have HIV. It lowers the chances of HIV transmission from your body to your partner. 

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