Zorb Ball Popularity Surges Globally.

Zorb BallZorb Ball

The popularity of zorb balling has seen a surge globally. What began as a simple diversion for children in the United Kingdom has now become the craze of the moment among all ages and demographics, leading to an increase in demand from people wanting to get into the game or upgrade their existing equipment. Here are some of the most interesting facts and insights about this exciting new sport that’s taking over the world. 

The global sport of Zorbing is gaining momentum

If you haven’t heard of Zorbing, you’re not alone. This relatively new sport is only now starting to gain popularity globally. So what is Zorbing? Simply put, it’s a competitive sport that involves two teams of three players each rolling around in large inflatable balls, trying to score goals.  It’s like soccer, but with a bouncy twist!  

How fun is it to bounce, roll & tumble down a hill inside an inflatable ball?

Zorb balling is a fantastic new adventure sport that is sweeping the globe. This extreme sport is not for the faint of heart. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then zorb balling is definitely for you! So, where can you try this fantastic new adventure sport? 

Where can you try this fantastic new adventure sport?

Here are some places to get you started  in your quest to try out zorb balling and conquer your fears at the same time:

Czech Republic – At Abrasador Czech Expeditions in Dolní Dvořiště and Holešov, visitors will be able to experience an hour-long session with a certified instructor who will teach them how to safely enjoy the ride and stay upright inside their ball. There is also a one-hour safety briefing beforehand so participants know what they’re getting into before they take their first plunge down the hill in a zorb. A beginner package will cost guests 200 CZK (approximately $10 USD) per person plus 50 CZK ($2 USD) for transport up the hill if needed. An advanced package that includes three sessions costs 600 CZK ($30 USD). Visitors can enjoy two hours of zorb balling at any of the locations in Czech Republic and there is no need to pre-book as it can all be done on arrival. It may seem like a lot of money upfront but experts say that most people end up paying less than 500 CZK when all is said and done due to discounts from other activities such as food or parking.

The origins & history of Zorbing

The origins of Zorbing are said to date back to the late 1990s in New Zealand. Two men, Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis (his friend) had the idea to create a human-sized hamster ball that people could roll down hills in, later David Akers joined them to manage operations. After perfecting their design, they started a company called ZORB and began offering Zorbing experiences to thrill-seekers around the world.

7 Rules To Stay Safe When Zorbing!

  1. Always zorb with a friend or in a group. There’s safety in numbers!
  2. Check your equipment before you start zorbing. Make sure there are no holes or rips in your ball.
  3. Find a safe place to a zorb. Avoid bodies of water, steep hills, and busy roads.
  4. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in easily.
  5. Don’t zorb for too long. Take breaks every few minutes.
  6. Stay hydrated!
  7. Know your limits.

What Other Types of Activities are Similar?

With its popularity surging globally, zorb balling is quickly becoming one of the most talked about sports. Much like other adventure activities such as sky diving and bungee jumping, zorb balling offers participants a thrill-seeking experience that is both exhilarating and exciting. And with its unique twist of being played inside a giant inflatable ball, it’s no wonder why everyone is talking about zorb balling!

Sharing thoughts about Zorbing!

It seems like everyone is talking about zorb balling these days – and for good reason! This thrilling new sport is taking the world by storm. Zorb balls and accessories related to zorbing can be acquired from Kameymall. Zorb balling is a unique mix of adrenaline-pumping fun and challenging physical play, and it’s something that anyone can enjoy.  And while it might seem intimidating at first, it’s actually quite simple. All you need are two people (or more!) to hold onto the zorb ball with their arms and legs outstretched, then run and jump into a large body of water together. You’ll feel weightless as you careen across the surface before sinking underwater, but don’t worry—the buoyant material will prevent you from getting wet or feeling any discomfort. In fact, many say they have so much fun that they forget all about how hard they’re working!

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