Tops for Different Body Types: Find Your Perfect Fit

Perfect FitPerfect Fit

Good clothes and great shoes are just what you need to create a dapper look. But if you are still not satisfied with your look because you think something is a miss, you need to focus on your body type. Buying clothes which flatter your body type is the key to creating a flattering look. 

There are several tops for women available these days but the ones which will give you an firm look are those which suit your body type. With tops for women suiting your body type, you can then pair them with different types of bottoms such as jeans, shorts, skirts, joggers and even more. 

Once you have figured your body type, choose tops accordingly, let us see how you can choose your tops based on your body type.

1. Apple shape body: If you have a heavier upper body in comparison to your lower body, you fall in this category. Your body features include a bigger bust line and broad shoulders. To bring attention to your strengths, you need to focus on creating an illusion of an elongated figure and that can be done by wearing tops with deep V necklines. If you’ve got legs for days, bring the attention there or close to your face. Flowy tops should be your ideal choice whereas for the bottoms you can stick to palazzos.

2. Hourglass shape body: This body type is characterised by a well-proportionate top and bottom with a well-defined waistline. Because you have a well-structured body, you can flaunt it right such as by wearing tops with plunging or a sweetheart neckline. You can opt for body-hugging tops and jeans. Fitted crop tops when paired with high-rise or mid-rise skinny jeans and bell bottoms are also a flattering combo. You can even wear shorter jackets that end at your hips.

3. Pear shape body: In this type of body, the lower half is wider than the upper half. Since your shoulders are narrow and hips are wide, you can still manage to create an hourglass type of look just by striking the right balance. To add volume to your upper half, you can opt for ruffled tops or tops with billowing sleeves. Skinny jeans and loose tops are also a great combo. For this body type, you can wear tops for women with a sweetheart or a boat neckline and jackets with padded shoulders.

4. Rectangle shape body: In this body type, everything from the shoulders to hips is in proportion. In such cases, your arms and legs become your biggest assets, so you can opt for ruffled or layered tops. Sleeveless, strapless tops with sweetheart necklines should be your choice. You can even layer with blazers, jackets and capes to add some drama to your look.

5. Inverted triangle shape body: In this case, your shoulders are wider than your hips. You need to wear tops for women with a V neckline because they will help in creating an illusion of narrow shoulders. Also, let ruffles and layers be a part of your lower body to balance the look.

Choose tops for women that match your body type and flaunt your favourite features.

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