Straight Barbells Will Make You Question Everything.


The straight barbell is a rod with a ball curve but this amazing style has become most popular among teens and young women. The piercing style is different and makes you look uber cool.

The best part about the straight barbell is; it is strong and sturdy. The weight plates on either side give it a strong base. Women mostly choose to wear straight barbells in ears, nipples, and tongue.

Most people also opt for barbell piercing near the eyebrows. Straight barbells are available in many different styles. Some are plain with silver, and some with gold metal. And, some are available in funky styles.

Different sizes and styles

Straight barbells are available in different sizes and materials. You will be able to customize the style that you need. Some piercers provide an internally threaded barbell sample to check whether it is comfortable. It also helps to allow a moment of the barbell and create extra flexibility.

The size of the barbell is also measured in a gauge. Usually smaller posts have a higher gauge and larger ones can have a low gauge. The person piercing normally chooses a moderate or average size of 14 for the first piercing of a straight barbell. It also depends on the kind of piece one chooses.

Different shapes

Barbell jewelry is available in different shapes as well. A straight barbell is normally a straight post with two objects. And circular barbells are structured barbells as a post and two different ends. But, the post is curved into a circular position so that makes all the difference.

Again, these styles are available in different designs. Do you know about the banana barbell? It’s a blend of both straight and circular barbell. Though not a very common design, still popular among women who want a chic look for their piercing styles. Barbell jewelry normally features small balls at the two ends but it can also feature different blocks and disks.

The materials

Earlier there were limited options in the materials that were available for different barbell styles. But, today you can choose from so many metals. However, the most preferred metal is still silver. But fresh piercing requires surgical grade metal or else it can harm your skin.

If you have a sensitive skin texture, then you will need to be extra careful with fresh piercing styles. With sensitive skin, you can also consider titanium, which is a popular option in the straight barbell. This piercing style is good for the tongue and nipple areas that may be sensitive. Also, tooth damage can be prevented when you accidentally bite the ball.

To conclude,

Straight barbells are indeed a great bet for your piercing styles. If you want to experiment with something different, go ahead and try this style. Diamond body jewelry styles and gemstone styles are also common.

Circular barbells and round barbell styles look good if you already have two to three piercings in your ears. The straight barbell is an offbeat choice for most women. So, if you want to look different then you can choose straight barbells. But, do pay heed to aftercare after your piercing.

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