Exercises You Can Do with Versatile Cable Machine

If you have been busy exercising using cardio machines, treadmills, and free weights, maybe it is time to try other exercise equipment. You may have achieved your ideal weight, so you are ready to move to strengthen your core and make it more stable. 

You do not need full home gym equipment for that. Instead, you only need a sturdy and superior-quality cable machine. A vast majority of fitness enthusiasts pick these cables as their personal favorite. And the primary reason is its versatility. 

These cables are handy for traditional strength-building exercises like biceps curls and tricep press-downs. If you want a full-body dynamic motion routine like single-limb motions and wood chops, these cables can also provide support. And since the machine’s arms move in all four directions, you can also have fun while staying fit. 

Ways to use the cable 

There are two main ways you can use these cables — by mimicking traditional strength moves or performing more dynamic multi-joint movements. 

If you want to perform the triceps press-down, all you have to do is stand facing the cable machine and hold the press-down rope or bar. Then proceed by moving the arm of the cable to a high position, as if you are pulling it down. Maintain a chest out position and keep your core engaged. 

Also, remember to keep your elbows on your side. Then start by straightening your arms. Once fully extended, slowly control the cable weight by pulling it back to your starting position. While you are doing this, keep both of your elbows on your sides. 

On the other hand, if you want to try the biceps curls, you have to start by standing while facing the cable machine and holding the press-down rope or bar. 

Slowly move the cable arm down to a lower position, as if you are lifting weights up. Again, maintain a chest out position and keep your core engaged. Keep your elbows on your side, too. Start straightening your arms and start bending your elbows. Slowly regain control of the weight and pull it back to your starting position. 

If you are aiming for cable flys, start by facing away from the cable machine. Take the D handle and keep both arms at chest level. Start the exercise by forming an almost straight arm position. Slightly bend your elbows in. Move using your shoulders so that your arms move in front of you, just like when you are hugging a big tree. Slowly regain control of the weight and pull it back to your starting position. 

More Dynamic Moves 

If you want to challenge yourself by making more dynamic moves, you can start with a wood chop. You can do this by letting the cable machine’s arm hold the D handle and keep it at the lowest position. While standing perpendicularly to the machine, bring your right leg close to the device. While holding your hands outside your right leg, start squatting down. Rotate your whole body towards your left as you exhale. Remember to keep your arms straight. Get energy and support from your core and pelvis as you start rotating. Control your body as you go back down. 

Keeping your body in shape can be done in various ways. However, if you do not have the time to go to the gym or run in the park, you can still be in shape even if you are at home with the help of these cable machines. 

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