10 Unique Tips for Styling a Blazer

Styling a BlazerStyling a Blazer

The blazer has been an icon of the fashion industry since the early 1800s. It started out as a men’s garment, but over the years, it has become a staple for women, too. Versatile, good-looking and comfortable blazers never really go out of style, especially when you keep up with the latest trends. Find out some creative ways to style your favorite blazer with a touch of personal panache.

1. Layer It

The marriage of two classic fashion trends is always a happy event, so say “I do” to layers with a blazer. Set a sensuous tone with a shapely foundation, such as a push-up bra. Over that, layer a form-fitting T-shirt and a slouchy V-neck sweater. Another option is a classic button-down Oxford with a pullover fleece on top. Add your blazer for a sporty result. If you have an important meeting or a special lunch, up-cycle your classic ensemble with some statement jewelry. Alternatively, scale it down by removing a layer or two for a lighter, lovelier look.

2. Topple Tradition

When you imagine a blazer, you probably think of a solid or subtle pattern such as pinstripes. Instead, picture a colorful take on the traditional. A floral blazer pairs beautifully with a solid ensemble beneath. For work or school, a watch plaid blazer is a natural topper for an emerald-green blouse and black skirt. Bold stripes make a stunning statement over T-shirts or a subtly striped button-down. As you can see, a nontraditional blazer is a great tool for expressing your unique fashion sense.

3. Express the Feminine

Suffragettes in the early 1900s gave the blazer trend boost as they rallied for women’s voting rights. Their unique take on this former men’s garment paired the blazer with a skirt, creating a distinctive new style. More than a century later, you can wear your blazer with a dress for a dramatic effect, too. Heighten the drama with contrast, such as a flowy skirt beneath a tailored jacket. You’ll feel feminine yet firmly grounded in enduring style.

4. Embrace the Edginess

While blazers are steeped in tradition, worn by everyone from schoolchildren to college professors, that doesn’t mean they need to be stodgy. Take your blazer to a new fashion zenith by making it your statement garment. Choose a long blazer that covers enough for comfort, or a blazer with a flirty peplum. Partner it with sheer leggings and heels. Consider a push-up bra underneath to heighten the very feminine effect of your edgy ensemble.

5. Emphasize the Differences

If you prefer a more subtle statement, try blending a boxy, oversized blazer with form-fitting leggings. A tweed jacket with shoulder pads that taper to double-breasted hips looks great with a silk blouse, sleek velour leggings and leather booties. It’s a full-on trendy look that is distinctive yet comfortable to wear all day long. Add some bling accessories to take you seamlessly into the evening.

6. Set Your Own Trend

Take your blazer in yet another daring direction when you diverge from the dominant flow of fashion. For example, grab your favorite slouchy cargo pants and put them together with a tailored blazer. Expand the resulting contrast with patterns and colors. Camo-print cargos, for instance, clash with your classic wool suit jacket just right. A fitted T-shirt adds to the casual elan of your outfit, pulling the two contrasts closer together. Complete your look with either your go-to sneakers for the perfect finishing touch or a pair of stylish lug-soled boots to elevate it.

7. Deconstruct the Suit

Shake up the jacket and slacks mentality with a fresh take on blazer wear. Rather than the traditional perfectly matched set, assemble your outfit from separate, color-coordinated components. Take a cue from the color and texture of your favorite blazer. Add a blouse or top in a similar hue and a skirt or pants in a similar color but contrasting texture. For example, if your blazer and blouse are in complementary earth tones, try adding pants that are a close color match but a textural contrast, such as tweed. Add a flowing flourish with a silky scarf. The effect is classic yet captivating.

8. Make It Seasonal

Keep your blazers in rotation year-round with a few trendy tweaks. In the cooler months, top your warm cable-knit sweater with a woolen blazer to fend off the chill. In warmer weather, make a more playful statement by pulling a lightweight cotton blazer over a sleeveless top and shorts. A light blazer serves to dress up your hot-weather wear without trapping unwanted heat, plus it’s a snap to remove when you wish. For a sultry summer dinner date, wear a short blazer buttoned atop a sexy bra and season well with sparkling accessories.

9. Tap Into Tradition

Take your blazer in a stylish direction by embracing the tradition of this classic garment. A custom tuxedo, tailored to fit like a dream, is a sure way to make a splash at your upcoming fancy-dress event. Glam it up with jewelry or tone it down with minimal add-ons, but make it your own. A business suit or blazer and matching skirt will likely be a great fit for the office, especially when you customize your look with a sleek updo or on-trend footwear.

10. Go to New Lengths

Experiment with the classic blazer profile by going shorter or longer than the standard hemline. A shorter style is ideal for more casual destinations like the Saturday farmers’ market. In contrast, a midi-length blazer, also known as a duster, works both to complete your outfit and as a stylish overcoat as needed.

Steal the Show With Your Blazer Style

Versatile, comfy and fashionable, the classic blazer is a must for your year-round wardrobe. By mixing and matching color, texture and fit, you can easily create fabulous results that express your unique take on emerging style trends. A blazer is a key ingredient to both coordinated and contrasting looks, depending on how you choose to style it.

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