5 Ideas to Dress Men for a Fancy Dress Competition.

Men for a Fancy DressMen for a Fancy Dress

Fancy dress competitions are a brilliant way to test your creativity, get you out of your comfort zone and let loose with your fashion sense. Fancy dress competitions for men can be tricky, but if done right and with flair, a competition like this can be fun for all involved. This article gives you some ideas for dressing up/ mens costumes that may inspire you if you’re looking to enter such an event:


Pirate costumes are available in many different styles. You can find an online store that sells pirate costumes and buy one or make your own. You can get a pirate costume for men that is made of leather, suede or other materials. When choosing a pirate costume, choose one that fits your body shape and personality!


Men participating in this competition should have a sense of humor, and clown costumes are a great way to showcase that. These costumes can also make you stand out from the crowd and will make everyone smile. Men who wear these costumes are likely to bring laughter to those around them, so they should always be prepared for a good laugh!


For a sportsman, you can go with a polo shirt and shorts. You can also wear your favourite baseball cap!

You can even dress up like an American football player. The best part about this costume is that it’s easy to make and doesn’t require any sewing skills or buying expensive pieces of clothing.

Slogan or message conveyer

Slogans can make for a great costume idea if you want to convey a message. You may want to be funny, or you want to make a serious political point. Perhaps you’re even doing it for commercial purposes—there’s no limit when it comes to slogans!

Some great examples of slogans include: “I’m Here To Party,” “Taco Bell Is Delicious,” and “My Name Is Earl.” If those don’t spark any ideas, then just think about something that would interestingly catch the eye.

Novel Character

If your guy is a fan of a particular book or movie, say The Hobbit or Star Wars, consider dressing him as one of the characters from that story.

If he’s more into sports than sci-fi, he might prefer to dress up as his favorite athlete.

Or if your guy has dreamt of living in medieval times, why not go all out with a knight?

Men’s fashion is admirable when they try different things.

You may think that men’s fashion is less exciting or bold than women’s, but that is not true at all. Men should never be afraid to try something new and different. It can be challenging for them to express themselves through clothes because they are constantly bombarded with images of what it means to be a “man” in today’s world.

They need to remember their style and identity while also honoring their culture, family background, career path and personal preferences when choosing outfits for an event such as a fancy dress competition! Check out Smiffy’s collection to get some cool dress options.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed our list of ideas. Remember, the fashion industry is all about creativity and experimentation, so feel free to mix and match these styles for a unique look that reflects your style.

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