All You Need To Know About Yellow Diamonds.

yellow diamondyellow diamond

Diamond Grading

Acquiring diamonds is never going to be cheap and you should know a lot about how diamonds, and other precious stones, are graded.

The grading system for diamonds uses the 4C principle.

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

You can find more detailed information on the Gem Institute of America website and it’s recommend that you acquaint yourself with the diamond grading system; there are a lot of free resources online for those who wish to learn about diamonds. If you are looking for custom diamond engagement rings in Sydney or even in another city, there are online jewellers who can create the perfect yellow diamond engagement ring and for a reasonable cost.

High Nitrogen Levels

It is high nitrogen levels that cause diamonds to appear yellow and deep colours are more sought-after than lighter shades of yellow. A yellow diamond would fall into one the following categories:

1. Fancy light yellow
2. Fancy yellow
3. Fancy dark yellow
4. Fancy deep yellow
5. Fancy intense yellow
6. Fancy vivid yellow

The above categories reflect the intensity of yellow and you will need big pockets for numbers 5 and 6.

Using A Custom Jeweller

If you would like to create a unique yellow diamond ring to propose to your girlfriend with, approach a jeweller who makes beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings according to the client’s specifications. The expert craftsman uses 3C computer imaging to design the ring and regarding sourcing loose yellow diamonds, the custom jeweller has access to the best.

Fancy Light Yellow

If you are concerned about the cost, why not opt for a fancy light yellow central stone? This would still exude yellow and the price is a lot less than anything darker; she will no doubt treasure such a ring forever.

Set Your Budget

Prior to contacting a custom jeweller, decide on a budget and the skilled jeweller can normally work to that figure. Of course, you will need to know her ring size and with your knowledge of her taste in fashion and jewellery, you are sure to choose a perfect design. Many couples prefer to forego the element of surprise, and this allows the woman to have a say in the right design. Who wouldn’t love to design their own diamond engagement ring?

Diamond Certification

You should always receive a certificate of authenticity when purchasing diamonds from the GIA or another governing body that is authorised to grade diamonds. Once the stones are cut, they would then be appraised and certification issued; this is something the jeweller would deal with. One more reason to have the ring designed and hand-crafted by a custom jeweller is you know the diamonds are genuine; no custom jeweller would ever have anything to do with fake stones, as this is classed as fraud.

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