How to Prepare for Visa Medical Examination in Abu Dhabi?


For a long we’ve heard that prevention is better than cure, leading to good health! That said; early detection of any disease or possible serious health anomaly is a pathway to effective treatment as well as a means to save a life.

The human body is a sophisticated yet delicate structure of living cells, tissues, and muscles; all of which go through wear and tear with time and age. Even at an early age, chances of developing unexpected diseases are high if we ignore the basics of preventive care and skip regular medical check-ups.

Considering all that, individuals planning to move abroad have to pass a series of visa medical screening tests for a safe passage. If you’re one of them, the details below provided by Capital Health Screening Centre are sure to come in handy while offering you all the essential information on necessary preparation for the visa medical exam. Here’s a breakdown of the information you’ll find below:

Table of Content
1. Preparing Yourself for Medical Examination
2. Purpose of Medical Check-Up
3. Communication with the Healthcare Specialist/Doctor

(a) What Needs to be Discussed

(b) What you should ask

4. General Health Tests (For Both Men & Women)

(a) Depression

(b) Diabetes

5. Specialised Tests for…

(a) Men

(i) Prostate Cancer Screening

(b) Women

(i) Mammography

(ii) PAP Smear

6. Employee Plan & Medical Check-Up

Preparing Yourself for Medical Examination

First and most important is to strictly follow health advice or recommendation offered by your doctor or medical specialist at the screening center. Doing so would help you yield more accurate health results, depending on how well you’re observing the guidelines and prescribed medication (should there be any).

Comprehensive check-ups may take a few hours to complete which is why all immigrants like yourself, are advised to get a good night’s sleep while avoiding workout. It’ll calm your body and reduce anxiety to prepare you well for the day. In addition, you should also pay attention to the diet plan or fasting regulations if something likewise has been shared by your healthcare expert or visa medical screening center specialists.

It’s possible that certain types of edibles like salty and cheesy dishes as well as caffeinated beverages need to be avoided pre-visa medical exams to get the process done in an accurate way.

Purpose of the Medical Check-Up

To obtain a work visa in any of the UAE emirates and for reasons likewise, medical check-ups and health tests are legally necessary as per the government regulations. For expatriates and other such individuals looking to obtain a work visa in the UAE or simply to renew their existing one, medical screening is compulsory that can be performed at government-approved centers such as Capital Health Screening Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Blood samples are taken to check for communicable diseases such as HIV and others like Hepatitis, Syphilis, and Leprosy. Chest X-Ray on the contrary is also performed as a test for Tuberculosis.

Communication with the Healthcare Specialist/Doctor

For the process to remain as smooth as can be, it’s essential for you to know what should be discussed with the healthcare specialist or doctor at the screening center.

What needs to be discussed?

Be as open and honest to the healthcare specialist so that the visa medical screening process remains smooth from the beginning. Discuss your diet, physical activities, alcohol, or tobacco consumption (if any), supplements, and/or medicines you’re currently taking. It’s essential to share a complete medical and/or health history of yourself and your family for possible connections of inherited diseases.

What you should ask?

While discussing your lifestyle with the doctor, there’re certain things to ask for more clarity. This can be expert health and lifestyle recommendations, type of help, and support you’ll receive from the healthcare specialists.

General Health Tests (For both Men & Women)

Before heading to the health screening facility, it’s better to know about the types of tests you’ll receive for visa medical. These are:

  • Depression: It’s possible that symptoms of depression might go unnoticed but it can be quite troublesome lately. A preliminary session with the doctor would tell if you’re depressed or not.
  • Diabetes: Regular diabetes tests are recommended whereas, for visa medical and likewise essential processes, it’s a must. Diabetes test would reveal risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, and blood sugar level so on.

Specialized Tests For…


Prostate Cancer Screening: One of the most common and essential cancer screening highly recommended for men.



Women between the ages of 50 and 74 have a slight risk of developing breast cancer. Mammography would reveal if the case is positive or negative.

PAP smear:

PAP smear is a specialized test for females of or around the age of 21; as a means to check cervical cancer screening.

Employee Plan & Medical Check-Ups

When applying for a work visa in the UAE, it’s possible for the essential visa screening package to be included in the employer package or perhaps as an annual healthcare screening. However, if you’re unsure or there’s even the slightest of doubt, speak with the sponsoring employer and/or human resource department to clarify. You can even refer to your employee handbook if you’ve one!

In an effort to promote the well-being of employees, most of the employers in the UAE have already introduced a comprehensive health screening package to ensure a healthy and safe workplace as well as less employee turnover or rejection.

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