How to Exfoliate Face in 2021.

The cuticle is indispensable in our skin. It can protect the skin from external stimuli while maintaining moisture and electrolytes in the skin. If there is no cuticle, even the lowest irritation may cause skin problems. At the same time, if there is no cuticle to maintain moisture, people will age instantly. However, before the 1970s, doctors still agreed that the cuticle was just a layer of dead cells. People gradually realized the diverse functions of the cuticle after that.

The cuticle will fall off and regenerate periodically every four weeks, which is the process of skin metabolism. If this cycle is too fast or too slow, it will cause trouble. If the cuticle cannot stay on the skin and fall off easily, it will decrease skin defenses and cause skin sensitivity. On the contrary, if the cycle is too long, the skin will thicken and look very rough, and it will be easy to take off makeup when applying makeup.

If you need to exfoliate, you should choose the appropriate method according to your skin condition. Exfoliating mainly includes using granular scrubs, exfoliating essences, exfoliating masks, and dermabrasion machines. If you think exfoliation care is very troublesome, the easiest way is to use a dermabrasion machine. Not the same as the previous exfoliating products, the dermabrasion machine does not achieve the purpose of exfoliating by rubbing the skin, so it will not cause damage to the skin tissue.

How to exfoliate oily skin?

For general cuticle care of oily skin, you can use products such as scrubs, and it is appropriate to do it about two times a week. The scrub sound can effectively remove oil from oily skin and prevent clogging of pores. Too much scrub will irritate the skin. After exfoliating, use oil-free moisturizing products to replenish rich moisture to the skin.

How to exfoliate dry skin?

When exfoliating dry skin, it is usually enough once every 1 to 2 weeks. Because products with large particles can cause skin irritation, you should try to choose a dermabrasion machine and exfoliating mask. In addition, we can observe the skin condition of the day to exfoliate. In the process of dry skin cuticle care, flexibility is quite essential.

How to exfoliate sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is not suitable for using exfoliating products on the market. If your skin is of sensitive type, it is best to avoid using scrubs or masks to prevent external irritation from causing skin problems. On the contrary, if some dirt remains on the skin, it will be more likely to cause skin problems. This time can stimulate less exfoliating essence or dermabrasion machine.

Why do you need to exfoliate your face with a dermabrasion machine?

Newdermo Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine professionals provide a green facial cleansing procedure. It can remove blackheads, cuticles, dead skin cells by using diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. The dermabrasion tips wands are made from high-grade material, which is durably suitable for all kinds of skin types, with no irritation or cross-contamination. Diamond heads are not only suited to facial skin but also for body care. The adjustable vacuum intensity adapts to different area treatments, which suits for face, forehead, chest, nose, neck, and near the eye area.

dermabrasion machinedermabrasion machine

How to exfoliate face with Newdermo dermabrasion machine?

You can get the effect of a beauty salon with a Newdermo dermabrasion machine at home without going to the beauty salon.

Step 1: Cleansing. Clean your face with warm water and a mild moisturizing cleanser to remove the dirt in the pores.

Step 2: Steam your face. After softening and cleaning the cuticle, steam your face with hot water or a humidifier to open the pores and soften the cuticle. When steaming your face, you must first prepare a basin of boiling water,  then put your face close to the basin, keep it 20-30 cm, and let the heat directly steam the face for about five minutes.

Step 3: Choose the head depending on the area you will treat. Choose the suction level. We recommend starting with level 1 if it is the first time using the machine. It depends on your skin’s thickness whether you may increase the suction. The highest level is 3. Hold the skin with one hand and gently glide the diamond/vacuum head in the opposite direction while keeping it in touch with the skin. Repeat 2-3 times over the same area, but do not let the stick machine in the same part for more than 3 seconds since the suction can irritate your skin. ( You can change the head for a different body part ).


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