How Often Should You Reapply Sunscreen.

Reapply SunscreenReapply Sunscreen

If you make a habit of using sunscreen daily, you’re nailing the top rule for sun protection. However, there’s another important one to keep in mind and that is proper reapplication. If you’re not applying it frequently enough, your protection might not be as solid as you believe, even if you’re using the highest SPF.

Ensuring you reapply sunscreen is crucial for maintaining skin protection. Without doing so, you’re at risk of painful sunburns, early ageing, skin damage, and an increased chance of developing skin cancer. So, if you’ve been struggling with reapplying, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

How often should you reapply sunscreen?

Determining the ideal frequency for sunscreen reapplication might seem like a straightforward calculation based on your SPF, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Contrary to a common misconception, having a higher SPF doesn’t extend the time between sunscreen applications. The SPF level primarily indicates the degree of UVB protection provided by your sunscreen. So, how frequently should you reapply sunscreen? 

Typically, it’s advisable to reapply sunscreen every two hours, particularly after swimming or sweating to maintain effective protection. If your day involves extended exposure to direct sunlight, opt for a higher SPF, for instance a sunscreen SPF 50, coupled with a broad-brimmed hat, and sun-protective clothing. Conversely, if your work keeps you indoors, seated away from windows, a second application may not be necessary. However, pay attention to the frequency of your outdoor ventures. For added safety, have an extra bottle of sunscreen at your desk. Even a brief lunchtime stroll could expose your skin to potential risks.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a flawless sunscreen. When choosing the best sunscreen for face, prioritise those that offer adequate protection for your skin type and daily activities.

Best Practices of Reapplying a Sunscreen

Get your skin ready

Remove excess sweat or oil to enhance sunscreen adherence. Use a clean tissue or blotting paper to gently blot before reapplication.

Apply generously

It’s always advisable to use a bit more than too little to ensure your skin is adequately protected

Be meticulous

Make sure to cover every part of your face, including the back of your neck, the tops of your hands, and your ears.

Don’t neglect your lips

Lips are also sensitive to sun damage. Reapply a lip balm of your choice with SPF to shield them from harmful UV rays.

Check expiration dates

Verify if the sunscreen you have on has expired. Use a new sunscreen product for the best protection possible, as its efficacy may wane with time.


Sun safety should always come first if you want healthy skin. Adopt easy routines like wiping off extra perspiration, reapplying sunscreen liberally, and making sure your lips and all other vulnerable areas are covered. For optimal protection, always verify the expiration date of your sunscreen. With these simple steps added to your regimen, you may enjoy the sun with confidence and reduce the risk of skin damage. Prioritise your skin’s well-being, making sun safety an integral part of your daily care routine.

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