How To Do Pedicure At Home In 5 Easy Steps

Pedicure At HomePedicure At Home

How to do pedicure at home?

We often neglect our legs. We do not pay that attention regarding their hygiene and care. After hectic schedule, we scrub our face and leave out the legs. Every time it’s not possible for us, to go to parlour or saloon and have pedicure done. It takes lot of time and money as well. But do you know, pedicure can be done, by our self at home.  

For the beginners, what is pedicure?

Pedicure is nothing but cleaning and maintaining hygienic foot. By doing pedicure, dead skin cells are removed, cracked heels are healed, and foot pain is soothed.

Is it possible only saloon?

No, we can do it by ourselves. We need to grab the main important ingredients, which are required for pedicure.

What are needed for pedicure?

  • A tub
  • Warm water
  • Pumice stone
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail filer
  • Nail cutter
  • A foot scrub
  • Cotton pads
  • Moisturiser
  • Essential oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Epsom salt

How to start to do pedicure?

All about nails:

  • Remove the nail polish with nail polish remover and cotton pad.
  • Dab some remover on cotton pad; rub on the nails in circular motion, so that polish goes off easily.
  • Cut your nails straight with nail cutter, do not cut across, as it may develop ingrown nails
  • Shape your nails with nail filer accordingly.
  • Do not file them harshly as they end up with breakage or become weak.

Soak your feet:

  • It’s time to soak your feet
  • Take warm water in a tub or basin, see to it that your ankles and foot are completely soaked in it
  • Now add either Epsom salt or shampoo or rock salt in the water
  • Add lemon juice and few drops of essential oils
  • Let it get dissolved wholly in the water
  • Place your feet in the water and soak for 15-20 min
  • This will exfoliate your skin, soothes skin, makes feet smooth, relieves stress and from body pains as well.

It’s time for scrubbing:

  • Remove your feet after soak
  • Take a dry tower and clean your feet properly
  • Apply cuticle cream or balm or honey on the toe nails, leave for the cuticles to soften
  • Now take a pumice stone and start scrubbing all over the feet. By doing this it will remove the dead skin cells and calluses.
  • If not pumice stone, take foot files.
  • Foot files contain 2 sides hard and smooth
  • Harder one removes the dead skin cells, smoother one smooth the skin
  • Apply steadily, but don’t be too harsh
  • Once scrubbing is done, remove the cuticle cream from nail
  • Take cuticle pusher, push your nail bed back, hold cuticle and remove the cuticle.

Moisturise the feet:

  • After exfoliating, soaking and scrubbing the next part is to moisturise
  • After scrubbing, the pores get open and there are more chances for the skin to become dry
  • Apply moisturiser to the feet.
  • Massage your feet, for about 10 min
  • In clock wise and anti-clock wise on the foot.
  • This makes your skin nourished, improves blood circulation, soothes nerves

Style your nails:

  • Style your nails with nail colour and nail polish
  • Take nail separators and place them between nail polish
  • Apply the base coat with nail colour. let the coat dry
  • Now apply white colour nail polish only to the tips of the nails
  • Let it dry
  • Now apply second base coat and leave it to dry
  • Now remove the separators and you can see the refreshed feet and fingers.


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