5 Exercises That You Can Do Even In The Office

5 exercises that you can do even in the office5 exercises that you can do even in the office

Whether you are doing an office or academic writing job, bear in mind that sitting in one spot for many hours takes a toll on the body. And according to research, prolonged sedentary time can lead to the development of chronic ailments such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

Let’s say you manage to sneak out some days to hit the gym. The question is; how consistent are you? An exercise is as important as the food one consumes, and should also be treated that way. However, if you can’t visit the gym often due to work, house chores, and other schedules, you can start exercising in the office. Here are exercises you can do right away.

1. Walking

Well, your office might not be as spacious as a football field or have workout facilities, but that shouldn’t prevent you from exercising.  Try walking. It’s a form of exercise with great benefits. For the records, walking not only elevates heart rate. It can also improve circulation.

Another thing that makes walking incredible is that you can perform it in the office without distracting anyone. Now here is the little secret; instead of calling or emailing your colleague on the third floor or so, try to meet up with him or her in person. In addition to that, you can also take the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Chair squats

Chair squats are another incredible exercise you can perform in the office from time to time. It can help tone your buttocks and legs. But then, you are going to need more effort to achieve the best results from this exercise.

Besides the incredible benefits, chair squats also have a drawback. You can’t perform such exercise in the office without drawing attention unless you have the entire office space to yourself.

But if you don’t mind others stirring at your, then check out how to perform chair squats.

Stand in front of the chair and get your feet hip-width apart. Then lower your body down to the point where your buttocks slightly touch the edge of the said chair. Without sitting down, you have to press your body back up to get into your natural standing position.

3. Leg pranks

If you need a workout you can perform without the knowledge of your co-workers and customers in office, try leg pranks. It’s one fantastic exercise that will strengthen your beautiful legs. Plus it’s also simple to implement.

To perform this exercise, sit on the edge of your chair. Your feet should be on the floor and knees bent. Now, extend your right leg out gently and let it be parallel with the floor. Now stay that way for at least 10-15 seconds, release and do the same with your left leg. You can repeat this exercise many times too.

4. Back Twist

Back twist is another beneficial exercise you can perform in the office anytime. And it is very crucial for people that sit in one spot for long periods. If done correctly, the back twist can relieve tension in one’s back too.

Here is how you can perform back twist;

While sitting on a chair, move your right arm behind your right hip. Now twist your body to the right side and hold that pose for at least 10 seconds. Repeat same on the other side of your body. You can also perform this exercise at least 3-4 times.

5. Shoulder Raise

This exercise is beneficial for office workers too. It can relieve tension in one’s neck, and it’s effortless to perform. All you are required to do is to raise both shoulders towards your ear and hold for at least 10 seconds. But instead of raising both shoulders at a time, you can do just one and repeat the same thing on the other shoulder.


Many papers for sale experts understand the benefits of regular exercise. Considering the nature of the job where one has to sit on one spot for hours, it is crucial to engage in regular workouts. The good news is that you don’t have to hit the gym always. You can exercise right in your office. However, this post describes some of the exercises office workers can perform in their offices. You too can perform them.

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