What are the cosmetic benefits of citric acid

If you’re thinking about making your own natural skincare products, consider the benefits of citric acid. You may be surprised to know that citric acid is one of the most effective skincare ingredients you can use today. Citric acid is a naturally occurring substance found in a range of citrus fruits including lemon and lime. 

Citric acid can be used in several facial treatments including scrubs, masks, toners or peels. You can get your hands on citric acid in a white crystalline powder form which makes it easy to use on its own or in conjunction with other skincare ingredients.

Unclogging pores

Citric acid can be used to make a DIY face mask treatment that helps to unclog pores. With simple home ingredients like water, orange juice, and gelatin, you can create a rubbery peeling mask. 

A citric acid mask can penetrate deep into your pores to soak up excess dirt and oil as it dries. After peeling your DIY mask off, your skin should appear brighter and cleaner. This treatment can also help your skin feel irresistibly softer.

Treating uneven skin tone

Facial scrubs are fantastic for treating uneven skin tone and roughness. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, some facial scrubs may irritate your skin. It all depends on the ingredients used for exfoliation. Make your own DIY facial scrub at home and you’ll have complete control over the formulation. 

Citric acid can be mixed with simple ingredients such as plain yogurt and rolled oats to make a scrub. Before using a DIY facial scrub, always test it first on the underside of your forearm to gauge your skin’s sensitivity. Keep up a daily regime of scrubbing and rinsing with this facial scrub, and your skin tone will start looking more uniform. 

Brightening skin

Chemical peel treatments can be very effective in treating oily skin. For some people, however, this treatment can be too harsh on their skin. If you’re looking for a softer and more natural alternative, you can make a citric acid and milk face mask. 

With the combination of citric acid and lactic acid, this DIY face mask can effectively remove dead skin cells and excess oil. Using a citric acid and milk face mask daily can help you achieve brighter skin. Daily use will also help prevent the formation of acne.

Unlocking all the benefits of citric acid

While we’ve touched on three benefits of using citric acid, there are plenty more to discover. This wonderful ingredient can also be used for shampoo formulas and as a soap-making additive. 

If you do wish to make your own skincare treatments at home using citric acid, always carry out a small test on your skin. Little tests like these will help you determine if the treatment is safe enough to use. So be wary of any skin irritations or rashes after testing a DIY skin treatment on yourself. 

After finding the right recipe and balance of ingredients, you’ll have a DIY skincare treatment that can be altered to suit your body’s needs. While DIY skin treatments take more effort than buying one off the shelf, they can be very beneficial for your skin and cost-effective. 

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