Choosing the Best Lip Liner for Any Lipstick.

Lip Liner for Any LipstickLip Liner for Any Lipstick

When wearing your favourite dress do you usually feel something is a miss? You try taking a
thousand mirror selfies but if you still feel that you’re missing out on something, we know what it is.
The key to amp up your look in the quickest way possible is simply wearing a nice shade of lipstick.. If
you are someone who loves toning down their look, irrespective of the occasion, just wearing a lip
colour will add wonders to your overall look.

For those who think “less is more”, they can simply wear lipstick and upgrade their look by a
thousand folds. If you have noticed how your lipstick fizzles out before you’ve even reached your
desired destination, you should know that wearing lipstick isn’t just enough.

The key to wearing a long lasting lipstick is first lining your lips with a lip liner. A lip liner also
prevents colour bleeding and gives you a fuller pout. If you envy Kylie Jenner’s lips, take a cue from
her sister Kendall, who often sports a fuller pout by overlining her lips with a lip liner.
Now that you’ve learned the importance of having a lip liner, let’s see how you can choose the right

1. Go dark for a bold look: It’s not necessary that the colour of your lip liner should match the
lipstick. If you are someone who loves experimenting with their looks, you can opt for a lip
liner which is at least one or two shades darker than your lipstick. However, try sticking to
the same colour scheme.
2. Go for the same colour family: As a thumb rule of luxury makeup brands, always choose
your lip liner in the same colour family as your lipstick. For example, if your lipstick is brown,
choose a lip liner with brown undertones. If your lipstick has red undertones, choose a lip
liner with red undertones because the one with pink undertones will clash with your lipstick.
So even if the lipstick and the lip liner aren’t of the same colour, they should belong to the
same colour family.
3. Get that perfect nude: If you have thousands of different lipsticks, choose a perfect nude lip
liner. This means, finding a lip liner which is the same shade as your lips. For this, you need
to take a closer look at your lips. Do they have a pink, red or purple undertone? Whatever
the undertone colour is, find a lip liner of the exact same colour, which will act as a base for
your lipstick, which should also be the same shade as your lip colour. This is how you get
that nude effect, which is highly trending these days.
With this quick guide to finding the right lip liner, you can get that perfect pout, which will save you
from the pains of deleting a thousand selfies before getting the best one. Let your lips do the talking
by rocking the perfect pout, which is now possible to get by investing in an ideal lip liner.

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