How to stop fake tan from coming off in pool?

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Public pools are a terrific place to cool down and exercise, but many people are concerned about the impact of chlorine on their spray tan. While chlorine is required to keep pools clean and safe for swimmers, it is not the primary cause of fading spray tans.

Spending too much time in the water might cause the skin to expand and raise dead skin cells, causing your tan to fade. As a result, swimming for fifteen minutes is advised to assist your spray tan to remain longer.

What can you do to extend the life of your spray tan?

It is critical to avoid using abrasive exfoliators or scrubs since they might cause the tan to fade faster. Regular moisturising keeps the skin moisturised and the tan lasting longer. Applying sunscreen when you’re out in the sun is also a good idea, as UV rays might cause your tan to fade faster. Finally, after swimming, rinse off with fresh water to eliminate any chlorine or salt residue that has developed on your skin. As a result, while chlorine in public pools can dry out the skin and diminish the tan, it is not the primary cause of fading. Limiting your swims and caring for your skin will help you stopping your fake tan from coming off in pool all summer.

Logically, this indicates that the time of the tanner on your skin will be shortened. Assume that every time you plunge into a swimming pool, the duration of your tan is shortened by one day. Furthermore, chlorine dries up the skin, causing the tanner to flake, dry out, and fade significantly faster. Here are a few ideas to help you get there.

  1. Go on Short Dives

Over time, studies have shown that the longer you spend in a pool at a time, the more you lose your tan. We investigated this idea further and discovered it to be correct. The people who stay in the water for an hour lose more tan than the ones who do a 10-minute swim session. Taking many brief swimming sessions is preferable to protect or maintain your fake tan. This is what the studies reveal.

  1. Invest Significantly in Moisturisers

Chlorine is present in various amounts in all swimming pools. The chemical is known to dry up the skin. Your tanner will be destroyed if your skin dries up. It will eventually dry and fade away. As a result, you should always moisturise your skin soon after swimming. The first thing you should do after you come out of the pool is to dry your skin from the pool water. After that, immediately apply your moisturiser to your skin. Of course, nothing prevents you from bringing your moisturising lotion to the pool. You may then use it soon after wiping your body. Remember that the longer you wait to moisturise your skin, the more your tan will fade.

  1. Use a Gradual Tanner.

Instead of using a tanner immediately, use a gradual build-up method. You may use your tanner daily, and after each swimming, practise this manner. If your tan fades, reapplying it will restore the golden shine. Some users have wisely expanded on this advice. They combined self-tanning lotions with moisturising lotions. As a result, they massaged the concoction after each swimming session. They may kill two birds with one stone. Applying the combination allows them to tan while also moisturising their skin.

Using the Fake Tan in the pool

Applying a fake tan does not have to be complicated. Exfoliating your skin beforehand is essential for an even, natural-looking application. This allows the tan to adhere evenly and avoids spots. After exfoliating the skin, apply a tanning mousse or lotion that matches your skin tone in a circular motion with a tanning mitt. Blend the colour into your skin, giving special care to places like your wrists and ankles, which are more prone to develop a patchy tan. Use a facial moisturiser instead of tanning lotion on your face. Allow the tan to cure completely before getting dressed. This will assist in keeping your tan in place and prevent it from fading when you jump into the pool.

Following Your Tanning Session

After you’ve completed tanning, there are a few things you can do to make sure your fake tan doesn’t rub off in the water. Begin by washing the extra tan solution off in the shower. Scrub gently with a light soap or body wash. After removing unwanted tan, moisturise your skin to keep it moisturised. Moisturising your skin will help your tan last longer. Apply an oil-free sunscreen to your entire body to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Avoid swimming for 8-12 hours following your tanning treatment for the most remarkable results. Following these guidelines will allow you to keep your gorgeous, golden tan without worrying about it washing off in the pool. 


A fake tan is an excellent technique to boost your confidence and radiance. It is undeniably aggravating when it fades or comes off in water. However, following the suggestions in this blog post, you may enjoy your time in the pool without worrying about your fake tan. Remember to exfoliate and moisturise your skin before applying a fake tan, choose a water-resistant solution, wait at least 8-12 hours before entering the water to prevent touching your skin, and reapply the fake tan as needed. These tips can help you keep your ideal tan while swimming and prevent it from fading. So jump in the water and confidently show your fantastic tan!

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