Shoes That All Women Need in Winter.

Women shoes in WinterWomen shoes in Winter

If you live somewhere with a much cooler winter climate, then you need the footwear to match. To ensure that your own wardrobe is ready for the winter months, we have some suggestions for shoes that all women should have at hand for when things cool down.

1. Boots

Boots are a must for the winter footwear collection, but they do come in different styles. For example, long & knee high boots are ideal for winter and are perfect for keeping your lower legs warm when you’re dressed in evening attire and don’t want to get too chilly as you transition from house or apartment to taxi, and then to the venue, back to the taxi and so on. These boots, as well as others, may also offer more traction and stability underfoot unless you get them with a high heel. Some think that boots will limit clothing choices, but the fact that boots actually complement a wider range of clothes than you might think.

Ankle boots, fur-lined boots and snow boots are all great additions to have, too, either one or all. These are great for keeping your feet warm, but are also more likely to boost traction and grip on slippery ground. Furthermore, these boots are easily waterproofed and durable. If you’re walking in snow, ice, or through the wet and dirt of winter months, you can do so without getting your feet wet.

2. Sneakers

Not everywhere endures such a tough winter that warrants a range of boots to deal with the weather and ground condition outside. For the milder winter weather, a trusty pair of sneakers is a real must. Sneakers are often the best winter move not for fashion but rather for function. Not all sneakers are created equal, of course, but many keep pairs of sneakers to use as get-around shoes that avoid their nicer shoes from being muddied and soiled by the less-than pleasant sides of winter weather.

Winter can bring rain, additional mud and other things in your path, all of which could ruin an expensive pair of heels. Sneakers are a great choice either for pure comfort, or to more easily navigate the winter streets.

3. Oxfords

Did you know that women wear Oxfords, too? They’re a more masculine cut, but they’re an ideal shoe to wear to work in the winter months. They work especially well with formal and business attire. The flat sole will give you stability and traction on the wintry ground, but they also offer just a nice bit of lift with the thick heel on the sole, and potentially more with an insert. Even better, they completely and snugly cover your feet to keep them warmer in the cooler weather.

4. Moccasins and Loafers

If the laced-up Oxford is a bit too stiff for you, as it is for some, then switching them for a pair of moccasins or loafers retains that same powerful, masculine feel of strength and durability, but also gives scope for a bit of feminine flair and are easier to take on and off, too. They’re especially good if your work day keeps you on your feet and/or you have to do a lot of errands around town on foot.

5. Kitten Heels

When you need a heeled shoe for winter, go for the kitten heel. Why? You get the lift you want, as well as the elegant look of a nice heel, but at the same time don’t suffer the potential imbalance and loss of traction that you might get with a higher heel. Kitten heels or

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